A Federal Work and Undertaking - Canada 2024

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Happy new year to all my Canuck friends - as per title suggestion from Marsupial, a shiny new thread.


  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Happy New Year everyone. We were planning for a quiet New Years, but whatever cold/flu bug I came down made it quieter still. Starting to come back to life today and we had a semi-celebratory New Year’s Day dinner.

    We actually have snow on the ground right now, after a grey rainy green December.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, Marsupial - being ill at this time of year sucks!
  • LeafLeaf Shipmate
    Happy 2024, everyone! Hope you're feeling much better, Marsupial.

    It's been an extraordinarily mild winter here. Yay global warming! Well, not really yay. The lack of snow at this point means not enough moisture in the surrounding agricultural regions. Which is no bueno.

    Instead of the infamous "dry cold" and dry pavement, ice is everywhere - even those who might enjoy mild weather, running or walking dogs, are doing so very carefully.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    Hello from the Far East of the Western World! It's pretty cold in Newfoundland with a small covering of crusty, icy snow. And January 2 seems way too early for schools to re-open (which means I'm back to work). But at least we didn't have a sugar shortage blighting our Christmas baking, so there's that. Happy New Year all!
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Bizarrely, Ms. Marsupial’s honeysuckle vine gave us a small flower today, and some ornamental onions are starting to come up. None of this the way things ought to be obviously. Though Ms. Marsupial did look up the Chinese name for her honeysuckle and tells me it means “forbearance for winter” or something along those lines…
  • It's -7 degrees C in Ottawa this morning.
  • -7°C in SW Ontario too, and the sun is shining for the first time in several weeks!
  • There is even a smattering of snow. A barest hint.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Brrrrr! :fearful:
  • Lily PadLily Pad Shipmate
    Very mild on my little island. Such a gift for people like me who don't walk well at the best of times. Wishing everyone a happy new year.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    Getting our first big snow of the season here in St. John's, but it's not as big as forecast (so far) and has triggered the usual complaints of "They closed schools for THIS?!?" Supposed to keep snowing all night though so we'll see what it's like by morning and how much shovelling we'll have to do.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Good luck, Trudy - there are several things I miss about Newfoundland, but shovelling snow* most certainly isn't one of them!

    * and, having lived a few streets away from you, finding somewhere to put it after it's been shovelled ... :flushed:
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    Piglet wrote: »
    * and, having lived a few streets away from you, finding somewhere to put it after it's been shovelled ... :flushed:

    Yes, especially as winter drags on, finding places to pile the snow becomes an ever-increasing challenge.

    We've got about 20 cm down now and it's continuing through the night. But the churchy responsibilities we would have had to leave the house for tomorrow have been cancelled, so we can sleep in and deal with the shovelling later in the day.

  • We now have 10 cm of snow in Ottawa. The sidewalks were slippery this morning so unusually I had to drive to church, Usually I walk.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Snow in Toronto too. About time, says this former Ottawa resident.

    But this reminds me I need to brush off the car sometime soon…
  • Let's try this Ottawa Shipmeet again. Augustine would like to meet Marsupial and I have to use my vacation balance by March 31. Any days between now and March 31 good to meet in Ottawa?
  • Thanks @Sober Preacher's Kid and @Augustine the Aleut for trying to make this work… SPK I’ll send you a PM when I have a moment.
  • Just sent a PM to both of you.
  • It is now a Proper Winter in Ottawa. A decent bit of snow, snowbanks and cold. As I New Brunswicker by origin this is my native habitat.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    From my experience of NB, the snow we had was considerably more than was decent ... :mrgreen:
  • -12C, snowy and windy along the river in SW Ontario this morning, with -17 prophesied for tonight. Block heaters are a Good Thing on days like this.
  • We are getting proper winter(tm), even in Toronto. Doesn’t look like we’re going to have to call in the army* though.

    It looks like May is going to be the best time to get schedules to align for an Ottawa shipmeet. Will post again as the date approaches.

    (*a reference to our former mayor calling in the army in the great snow of 1999 - autocorrect wanted “call in the emu” - which emu and what that would have accomplished I don’t know…)
  • I went to get my COVID booster on Friday, the clerk at the pharmacy was counselling another patient within earshot and said the takeup of vaccines in Ottawa had been very high. We got to talking and I found out he was also a health science researcher.

    You can't throw a baseball in Ottawa without hitting a geek.
  • You can't throw a baseball in Ottawa without hitting a geek.

    No wonder my son loves it there!
  • No wonder I love it here.
  • Had to apply to renew the permanent resident card recently. After huffing and puffing about how ambiguous and misleading their website had become, and cursing the bureaucrats and all the other crats who said they needed two months to process it, the card showed up in two weeks with no difficulties at all. Dined on crow that day, conceding that the Canadians generally deal with this kind of thing an awful lot less fuss than anyone else.
  • Glad it worked out. We went to our first concert at Koerner Hall since Covid this afternoon to hear Helene Grimaud, finding out in the process that the last time we were there (March 8, 2020, also to hear Grimaud), was KH’s last concert before the Covid shutdown. A nice bookending of a sort.
  • To which Federal Department do we submit nominations when a private-sector software developer turns Canadian History into a video game?

    Surely that has to get the developers lunch at Rideau Hall with the Governor General?
  • Sigh. I am taking government French lessons. The activity is to describe the career of a family member. I don't like describing United Churvh clergy because the terminology is difficult to translate, so I described my grandfather, who was a primary school teacher.

    He stated teaching in 1947. He just went to Normal School for a yest after high school. He didn't specialize, he taught all subjects to his students for the entire day, which is still the practice in Ontario.

    This fact has flown over the instructor's head twice; she insisted on correcting me to make it sound like he taught some but not all subjects which is not a fact that I am trying to communicate.

    This is why I don't like takling about 'normal' family.
  • questioningquestioning Shipmate
    It's not helpful when people try to correct your own story about your own life and your own history :confused:

    If it's any help, your grandfather's trajectory and career are well within the pattern that I recognize. My husband, who lived in small-town Ontario and started Kindergarten in 1970 was taught in a multi-grade classroom. The teacher had gone to normal school and had taught in a one room schoolhouse (teaching everything, of course!) until she moved on to a larger school where she still taught all subjects, but to only 2-3 grades at a time, not 12 at a time! (not that you needed my affirmation :lol:)

    Weird that your instructor couldn't accept your narrative...
  • Having immigrated to Canada after the year 2000 the instructor may not have been aware of history or that the current education format isn't all that old.
  • questioningquestioning Shipmate
    I wondered whether it might be a newer Canadian or a much, much younger person.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    To bring up that ever-present Canadian topic -- how's your winter weather, if it's still winter in your corner of the country? Here in St. John's we are digging out from what I think may be our biggest snowfall since "Snowmageddon" in January 2020. Unlike Jan '20, this time we had relatively little snow remaining on the ground from the last heavy snowfall, so it wasn't 70cm piled on top of a huge amount already there. No indication we'll have a week-long state of emergency as we did then, but buses are off the roads for the second day in a row and many stores are closed and events cancelled. Everything non-essential was shut down yesterday for the actual storm; today is the clean-up day with everyone out snowblowing and shovelling, but lots of side streets still haven't seen a plow yet.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    One of our local CBC folk just posted on Twitter that St. John's has had more snow in the last 24 hours than Toronto has had all winter.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I've seen the pictures on Farcebark, and have to say I'm glad I'm here rather than there.

    Good luck with the shovelling!
  • I've been thinking of you @Trudy as I listen to news and weather reports today. I'm almost scared to tell you that we're enjoying spring here in the Okanagan. My daffodils are showing green shoots. Please stay safe and warm!
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    We had one or maybe two real snows all year in Toronto so I can totally see how one big storm in Newfoundland could be more than our total accumulation. It seems to be well on its way to being early spring here. We’ve had snowdrops for at least two weeks and there a signs of other early bulbs starting to come up.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    edited March 10
    I was speaking to a friend in Newfoundland today, and she said they'd not had too bad a winter up until now.

    At least when you get a drop like that in March, there's hope that it won't still be there in May; she said there was rain in the forecast, which might help to clear it a bit.
  • Ottawa is mostly clear. It looks spring-like.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    We actually got below zero temps yesterday and a dusting of snow…
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host
    Piglet wrote: »
    At least when you get a drop like that in March, there's hope that it won't still be there in May; she said there was rain in the forecast, which might help to clear it a bit.

    Yes, much better to get it in March than in January as we did back in 2020. It feels like it's starting to melt a tiny bit already. Heavy rain in the forecast tonight, which may lead to some flooding, but will be a help with cutting away at the giant snowbanks.

  • In other news, Nahid Nenshi has taken a headline dive into a vat of Orange Crush.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    After a winter of dilatory winteriness, now that Spring has arrived we are getting serious snow.
  • I went to Brockville to see the eclipse today. Wonderful. It was a bit cloudy but I was able to see it and the sun's corona broke through the clouds. I thought I would be too cloudy but I was wrong. The RCAF was there with a pipe band and a flyby of a C-130 Hercules to mark their 100th Anniversary. Quite the show. It was down on the waterfront on Blockhouse Island.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Nice. We had nothing but clouds while the eclipse was in our part of the world, after which point it became nice and sunny. Go figure.

    In other news, apparently Ottawa has been named shawarma capital of Canada by city council. I still have good memories of the very unpretentious shawarma shop where I used to buy lunch when I was working there.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I'd have loved to have been in Freddy yesterday; apparently they got a perfect day for it, and were in the totality zone. :heart:
  • CaissaCaissa Shipmate
    One of my staff went to Freddy Beach yesterday. I am told it was awesome.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    My spy says they were right! :)
  • I was in London ON for the eclipse, and, against expectations, the sky was mostly clear. We were just outside the zone of totality, but it was still quite impressive. The strangest bit was how the light on the ground was not quite twilight, but a strange shade of purple. I saw footage from the Toronto Zoo: the polar bears didn't care, but the wolves became quite playful.

    I've witnessed solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, the Perseid showers (look forward to 2028!) and a transit of Venus. The next transit is 2117, I think, and I will be dead. That made seeing the transit in 2012 such a privilege. I am still the astronomy nerd that I was when I was 8, sitting in my northern Ontario backyard with my telescope, star atlas, and flashlight (and fear of bears).

    Behold, His wonders to observe!
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    I may be visiting Ottawa sometime in May depending on making the scheduling work. Any good dates for a Shipmeet @Sober Preacher's Kid and @Augustine the Aleut ? Would be looking at something weekend-ish or weekend-adjacent.
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