Your Haiku

the trees they whisper
sharing tales from far away
I am always here


  • Haiku is a nice
    Way to say what you're thinking
    Till you run out of
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Observing moonrise
    Over tranquil pond is not
    Easy in a city
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    I have been writing haiku off and on since I was 10 years old

    Ibis sleek wings curve
    across grey sky in silence
    gliding black with grace

    Drop to drop connects
    trickle becomes flow then stream
    sea waits patiently

    Anchored at Dusky
    Cook couldn't hear himself think
    for din of birdsong

  • GeorgeGeorge Shipmate
    sun sets
    clouds of gold linger
    night stalks westward
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Perhaps stir fry sauce
    From the Asian supermarket
    Will imbue haiku.
  • the mosquitos which
    bite are different from those
    which pollinate plants

    (male mosquitos are the #2 pollinator after bees according to a lecture we attended a couple of weeks ago)
  • AravisAravis Shipmate
    On the Ship of Fools
    I find endless diversions
    Rather like this one...
  • Called to write haiku
    I went for a walk and thought
    "A pleasant hike! Ooh!"
  • An oldie but goodie:

    So ‘to boldly go’
    Is a split infinitive
    Check your grammar, Kirk.
  • I am new Sean Bean
    I stand on castle and shout
    Winter is coming!
  • I gave her a ring
    But she gave me the finger.
    Can you believe it?
  • Procrastination
    expands to fit the
    time available
  • Rhyme in a haiku;
    It takes time. The seventeen
    Made to mean and chime.

    Compact and exact.
    A brief form, too light for grief
    Without perfect tact.
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018
    Look in my mirror
    Mind asks "Who is it I see?"
    "Naught but I" says God.

  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018
    Haikus end oddly?
    Only one comes to my mind
  • A haiku is meant
    To be about a subject
    From nature. Virus.
  • Viral infections:
    beyond microscopic
    droplets sneezed worldwide

    Do we go back to setting a subject for the next person to write their haikus? If so, how about autumn for those of us in the northern hemisphere?

  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host
    Autumnal sounds like
    Tumnus, I thought to myself
    today, in passing.

    (Yesterday, in truth,
    and when walking in the woods,
    but that didn't fit.)
  • A dark factory
    On a distant horizon
    Churning out idols
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    First light. Yawn and stretch
    Exit one night's illusions
    Slip into others

  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018
    In a hidden box
    Marked "String too short to save"
    Hundreds of pieces.
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018

  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018
    Whoops again

  • Will no one rid me
    Of this meddlesome priest? Wait.
    I didn't mean that.
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited October 2018
    Leaves release and drop
    Back to Mother they cycle
    Autumn is "The Fall"
  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    Gosh! The gentle breeze
    of autumn has the power
    to tear down large trees.
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    Cicada brood six
    You didn't emerge last year
    Are you just late, or..
  • My "whirly birdy"
    propelled by the easterly
    harbinger of rain

    Whirly birdy - bird shape made of wood with wings on axles so that they propel around
  • Eric Blair's despair
    Has sharp satirical digs;
    Pigs find it unfair.
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    Our ultimate fate:
    We leap into the unknown
    And land who knows where
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    edited November 2018
    Without my knowing
    His guidance had gently placed
    A plum on my tongue
  • rinse, repeat, reuse
    is good. Better is not to
    use at all: plastic
  • Everything's dying.
    The geraniums are done.
    Oh! Look at that oak!
  • kbekbe Shipmate
    Death, an illusion
    Life is one too, they do say
    What the hell is true?
  • JoanofArcJoanofArc Shipmate
    an inconvenient
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