Example: The Quiet Zone

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Board Intro
Welcome to The Quiet Zone, a place to explore the diversity and perception of different kinds of silence in everyday life and in worship; to look at its effects and influence, to think a little more deeply about what it is, what it can do for you, and to become aware of forms in which this is already integrated into life. How do you define silence? Do we use silence and grow through it, or simply survive it? How might we learn to be silent? Or is there no place for silence in today’s increasingly busy and interconnected world? Contributions on all aspects of this potentially wide-ranging topic are welcome.

Posting Guidelines
The board is about exploring the concepts of silence, stillness and quietness, and how this may affect different areas of life. Standard posting rules apply, including the usual rules about taking it to Hell if needs be. You’re welcome to share your experiences, but please be respectful of other people’s, and mindful that this is a public board.
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