Policies and Procedures for the 8th Day

RuthRuth Admin Emeritus
edited December 2018 in The 8th Day
Want to experiment with an idea for a new Ship of Fools forum? This is the place. Read the policies below and the examples threads, and then pitch your idea in the Styx.

1. All submissions for an experimental run in on the 8th Day must be sponsored by at least two shipmates who have been posting regularly on the Ship of Fools forums for at least six months. Sponsors will serve as 8th Day hosts for the run of their topic.

2. Submissions for 8th Day topics must include a name for the forum, a one-line description that will function as the forum introduction (admins reserve the right to edit for style and brevity), and a discussion of no more than 500 words of what the shipmates hope to see happen on the forum. Optional: a listing of posting guidelines, if that seems like it would be helpful. Submit all of these items together via a PM to Ruth.

3. Topics for the 8th Day should be clearly differentiated from existing forums. If the topic is already discussed on the Ship, you should say why it deserves its own forum, even if only temporarily.

4. Admins will consider submissions on an ongoing basis. Approved topics will be launched in the 8th Day in the order they are received.

5. Barring unforeseen circumstances, each topic will run in the 8th Day for one to three months. If a topic has not seen regular traffic after one month, the admins reserve the right to pull the topic, and will do so if there is a queue of approved topics waiting. At the end of three months, if the temporary 8th Day hosts wish to continue, they may either get a private forum or petition the admins to make their topic a permanent forum. A new experiment in the 8th Day will start every three months, as long as there are approved topics in the queue.

6. 8th Day hosts must commit to reading their forum every day. A private forum to discuss issues that arise and a brief edition of the regular hosting manual will be available. They will also be supported by the admins, who will monitor both the 8th Day and the private hosts forum.

7. In the extreme and, we trust, rare case of an 8th Day host abusing hosting privileges, the admins will terminate that person's ability to act as a host before the experiment has concluded. If there is only one remaining host, that person will have the choice to recruit a new co-host or end the experiment.
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