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  • Just dropped my pasta lunch, with carbonara sauce, all over the floor at work. Oh well. Cleaned up, and sandwich from the café time...
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Oh dear! :flushed:
  • Too bad. Messy, I guess.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    In solidarity Climacus.

    I managed to pick up cup up awkwardly at the library café today and pour tea over my leg instead of into my mouth. Fortunately it wasn't very hot, but I still felt silly.
  • Oh dear, Huia! I'm glad it wasn't very hot. We can feel silly together. 😁

    As it fell on the carpet it was rather messy, Loth. A colleague came to the rescue with wet wipes.
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
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    Temperature is now 29°C which feels like 42°C. More of the same forecast for tomorrow and actual 42°C on Friday which means higher. Severe storm warning out for a large area and radar shows heavy rain over ranges. I am not feeling it as much as yesterday, but it is my turn to do dinner tonight, so that may change.
  • ZappaZappa Ecclesiantics Host
    Patdys wrote: »
    Hello good people.
    Just a quick note to say I have a week in Queenstown from next Wednesday with my much better half and daughter to do silly fun things*.
    I still read, but really only post on the Hell cancer thread.
    My memory says Queenstown is bereft of shippies but I would happily buy a beer/wine/gin for any locals whom I have overlooked.

    *Falling at different rates on land, water and sky.

    Bummer. I was there yesterday. And of course for nine months in '18.
  • I just received second text from Clive Palmer promising to ban unsolicited texts in elections. As attractive as that sounds, nothing would induce me to vote for him. I replied along those lines but reply bounced. Sauce for goose is not sauce for gander.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    You got an unsolicited text promising to ban unsolicited texts?
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  • Yep. The man is an idiot, a wealthy idiot, but an idiot.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
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    Heatwave months here, temperatures heading into 40-plus Celsius. veld fires all along coastal mountains ranges of the Cape.

    Horrified yesterday that the Internet in Zimbabwe was shut down by the State -- I had no idea they could do that so fast. I couldn't reach friends, cousins, anyone, except by landline and then they knew nothing because of a news blackout. Tremendous brutality and cracking down on protesters and the opposition -- this following a sudden increase in fuel prices. It was also a shock to me to realise how dependent I am on Whatsapp and cellphones and Facebook/Twitter DMs, emails for connecting to people -- I didn't have landline phone numbers or physical addresses for most people although we're in touch every week. And the silence was frightening inside and outside of Zimbabwe because nobody knew what was going on. Now there are reports of numbers killed or injured, detained, police and army intimidation. Heartbreaking.
  • Much of Tasmania is ablaze due to lightning strikes - all very alarming! I remember well the 1967 bushfires which caused extreme trauma and can't help feeling anxious as we approach another anniversary of that event.
  • I remember that time too, and the more recent fires there as well. Considering the violent storms we have had here, I am surprised that so far there are not as many fires as I would have expected.The other end of this road gets fires, many houses were burnt a few years ago. Heavy bush, wires touching each other and topography helping their spread. We have big pool and a big tank and investigating petrol pumps which are recommended instead of electric for fire use.

    No heavy bush closeby and this place was built 1977 and there were no fires here for a very long time before that. We take no chances.
  • Piglet wrote: »
    Neither of the bathrooms in our house has frosted windows, but they are both too high to see from outside, and they have Venetian blinds, so I don't feel that my privacy is compromised!

    If anyone were flying a drone for the purpose of watching my ablutions, I think I'd just feel sorry for them ... :blush:

    My previous did not have frosted glass in the bathroom window as it was the kitchen in a previous life. Didn't bother us as the window had a lace curtain on the bottom half. It looked onto next dorr's driveway and unless they were standing right outside at night wouldn't see anything
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    When I had the windows in my eighty-year-old house replaced a few years ago, I had them put frosted glass in the lower sash of the bathroom window, but clear glass in the upper sash. I like being able to see the sky.
  • My personal bathroom has a lovely leadlight window in it. Not easy to see directly through but only onlookers would be the large white cockatoos in the big trees outside. Or perhaps one of the cats which use that window to access enclosed cat run outside. They jump through window onto enormous hot water cylinder outside.
  • TukaiTukai Shipmate
    Fourth day in a row here in what is geographically part of inland NSW with max temp over 38; over 40 on some of those days. However it does drop about 20 degrees overnight, which makes mornings not too bad. We are very glad we installed ducted evaporative cooling ahead of this summer. Works only in dry climates, but that's what we have here, and costs a lot less to run than full AC, especially as by day it runs off our solar panels.

    Meanwhile, spare a thought for any silly enough to be living in Marble Bar in teh Pilbara , reputedly the hottest place in Australia Since 1 December they have had only one day that did not top 40, and that one was "only" 38! The old story goes that when one of the harder drinking locals died and went to hell he asked the devil for a overcoat!
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
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    I am looking forward to a cooler weekend. 29 forecast here tomorrow. Then back up again till 40 next Friday. Again.

    Still 42°C here at 5:40. Roll on cooler weather.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    When I read of temperatures like that, and winter extremes in Canada, I an so glad my ancestors settled in NZ. Apparently Canada and Australia were both considered by Mum's family, but the timing of the sailing of the ship to NZ suited better.

    But I suppose to some extent you get used to what you have.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Huia wrote: »
    ... But I suppose to some extent you get used to what you have.
    I don't know - I wonder if I'll ever get used to having to shovel the weather for four months of the year!

    I love the spring and autumn when we need neither heating or cooling, but sadly those seasons tend to be measured in days and weeks rather than months, like summer and winter. :cry:
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    We're down the coast for a few days. Even here, as close to the beach as you can get, yesterday was exceptionally hot and it did not start to cool down until very late in the evening. Even our pre-dinner walk along the beach was a short one. Fortunately no fire danger yet.
  • ZappaZappa Ecclesiantics Host
    Huia wrote: »

    But I suppose to some extent you get used to what you have.

    Absolutely. I still find temperatures below 30C disturbing. But you've probably heard me on that before.

    MaryLouise, that news from Zimb is deeply disturbing. One of "my" most outstanding clergy here is a Zimbabwe escapee and I must find out if he knows anything more, and if his loved ones are okay.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    Zappa, it is very hard to get accurate details of the military and police crackdown. Most of us outside the country are checking post and statements from Beatrice Mtetwa, Tonderai Bhatasara and Doug Coltart of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, also representing detained Pastor Evan Mwarire. The official statements from President Mnangagwa's administration make no sense, especially in the light of a 200% fuel increase in a bankrupt and destitute country.

    Many of the MDC-Alliance opposition are in hiding or have fled the country. VPN networks have been set up to counter any further Internet shutdowns, most schools and hospitals are closed, it is believed there are at least 500 people in detention or abducted. Your clergyman friend might want to follow social media posts from Elinor Sisulu who has close links to Zimbabwean activists, Alex Magaisa, Cathy Buckle, Linda Masarire, Peta Thornycroft, Zimbabwean Doctors for Human Rights. I hope his family and friends are safe.

    It's worth remembering DRC has been without Internet access for weeks now.
  • Very hot here today and at 11am it is already 33 C. Total fire ban announced for the rest of the week - 54 fires burning across the state at present and the air is full of smoke. I don't understand the rubber neckers who feel it is compulsory to go and gaze at bush fires and interfere with fire fighters.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Totally agree rhubarb - all it would take would be a change in the direction of the wind...
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
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    Sleep well Huia, knowing Georgy Porgy is at peace. For a stray, she picked well when she joined you.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    We have had a pleasant couple of days. The beach cottage had been let, so we drove up to the Monaro and pottered around there, spending the night at Cooma. Then more pottering and earlier this afternoon arrived at my cousin's. If Vulpior looks in the right spot, he'll see my standard flying.
  • There are few vegetables as good as compost self sown tomatoes. We had a few plants come up after rain near the chook run. #2son picked a bowl of cherry tomatoes today. They are very small but he picked several dozen, exceedingly sweet and full of flavour.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    When I was a child a friend of my fathers persuaded the local sewerage plant to let him try using the treated sewerage for compost. He ended up with a vegetable garden full of tomatoes and little else. :smile:
  • Lothlorien wrote: »
    There are few vegetables as good as compost self sown tomatoes. We had a few plants come up after rain near the chook run. #2son picked a bowl of cherry tomatoes today. They are very small but he picked several dozen, exceedingly sweet and full of flavour.

    We have two self sown tomato plants growing at present. One popped up from the compost, the fruit is full of flavour, they are cherry tomatoes which I pick and eat whilst watering the garden! The other plant has grown out of the bottom of a large pot, is about 30 cms tall with two toms on it which will needing to be picked in the next day or so
  • Enjoy them. Watch out they do not cook on vine in promised heat tomorrow.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Home-grown tomatoes are lovely. My dad used to grow Golden Sunrise and Gardeners' Delight in the greenhouse, and the first one off the vine (usually in mid-August) was always a treat.
  • These are all the better for being a surprise we did not plant.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Absolutely! :)
  • Pumpkins from compost heap are also very good but take longer than tomatoes to fruit.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    My brothers used to play backyard soccer. They were both really annoyed when a pumpkin plant started growing in the wrong place and Mum made them go over to the park instead.

    The temperature reached 32c* here yesterday (Zappa, you're in the wrong city!) before a Southerly storm hit knocking over trees and causing power cuts with winds gusting to 130 kph. Today and tomorrow have been forecast as under 25, then the heat returns. I need to sort out the 'cooling options for the heat pump - ot visit the WestCoast where the highest temperature in the next 10 days is 24c, unfortunately that comes with torrential rain - but you can't have everything. :wink:

    * cool by Australian standards, I know
  • A trip of 647 km from home to our holiday house. I spent four days, once 30 years ago we usually did it in one day, and our son still on one day. I'm wobbly on my feet but once behind the wheel I'm happy, and every bend of the road is familiar. We always came in quiet times but this time we're surrounded by neighbours who. bought at the same time as us, and first thing our nearest called to greet me and offer some fish they'd caught, smoked and shared after cooking it.. Happy days! Have caught up with a good friend in town and passed on order of service for Sunday — they can't afford a minister but all regular or occasional lay preachers or visiting clergy so I'm taking my turn.
  • Sounds wonderful, GG.

    Quite the wind, Huia! And heat. Hope the weekend is calmer.

    I felt my first earthquake. Small, but noticeable. Also had my first cape gooseberry, brought in by a colleague. Quite delicious.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Climacus Ruamoko, the god of earthquakes is breaking you in gently. I hope we all only have small ones to contend with for a while (too much to hope there will be none at all), especially as I have no fat'n'fluffy protector to tell me to pull myself together and stop panicking.

    Spooky from along the road had auditioned for the part, (by climbing into my bed last night) but she is dearly loved by her family and so is ineligible.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    I shall make an offering to Ruamoko to calm the earth. And glad to hear another feline friends is checking up on you.

    I forgot to post about my long weekend in Wellington last weekend. What a city! I climbed a hill (Mt Victoria) for great views, went to the national museum (where some Terracotta Warriors were on display...I had seen them in Sydney a while back but I'll take any chance) and Wellington museum, up the cable car to the Botanic Gardens, a tour of Parliament, ferry ride to Days Bay, and more. Also ate a lot. Good fun.

    A cool day here. A friend back in Albury posted the temperature at 22:45 yesterday...40°C! My goodness.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Crikey - if it was 40° at nearly 11 o'clock at night, what the hell had it been during the day??? :flushed:
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
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    Higher, Piglet. Next week is forecast as well over 30°C every day. 39 here today ahead of us.
  • I noticed when living there Albury could be a bit of a sinkhole for heat at times. Plus, throw in some afternoon and evening clouds and the temperature won't drop as quickly as when there are clear skies.
  • Piglet, it is now 11.45am and the temperature here in the valley is 38, with a predicted maximum of 43. I suspect it may exceed that.
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
    edited January 2019
    Similar here but i doubt we will make 43 today. We just had blackout of about ten one is sure if this was an in house blackout or something more general. However,power is back. We were wondering how much ice to buy. We have visitors here from Darwin with an enormous van. They also would need ice .

    Son has several weatherstations dotted around the house. Currently 31 in bedrooms, 36 outside, 29 in library downstairs and 32.5 in our stone larder where we have two extra fridges and a freezer as well as storage shelving for drygoods and beer and wine. There are several more thermometers, eg chookhouse, but they are not yet hooked up to the weather system.
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
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    Non venomous, but a nasty shock. Bitten on the bum by python.
  • We reached our forecast 43, but Mrs BA and I stayed secluded in the air-conditioning after a quick shopping expedition very early this morning. A/c was on dehumidify until late afternoon when we had to start the chill cycle.

    I've just enjoyed an Australia Day dinner of char-grilled lamb steaks with salads followed by apricots and chocolate ice-cream drizzled with raspberry liqueur from the Orange wine region. All accompanied by a nicely-chilled sparkling shiraz from South Australia. Have I invented a boozy variant on peach melba?
  • Sounds good. Wehad leftovers but added lamb at the last minute. one son had hung a Eureka flag back yard so there was a discussion with teen about this, people next door each side have an enormous Australian flag and over the road has three, two on fence and one on house. Grandson loves being here. He likes being with adults who talk sensibly to him andwho discuss such things as history. His uncle has shown him a lot of small mechanical repairs and is building a drone with him
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Your Australia Day celebrations sound delicious - have I ever mentioned that we love lamb? :smiley:

    I don't even want to think about that poor lady with the python - that would have sent me running for the hills!

    We need that "eek" smilie back ... :flushed:
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