University student discussion on the rape and mutiliation of their flatmates

The academic world has been placed into a shambles, by just a bit too much realism.
A group of students gathered together for nearly two years in a Facebook chat room, to plan the rape, mutilation of the genitals, torture and depraved humiliation of their fellow students.
By mistake, a member of the chat group told one of the students who was a target for these plans
She had the wisdom to take a screen shot of the chat room plans to torture her. She had over 50 screen shots of the plans to rape an mutiliate her friends too.

The students who constructed these plans were all male, all white, mostly historians and to her face, they were her very good friends. One had even gone to her home to meet her parents.


  • The BBC Three put on a documentary about this case a few days ago
    Several odd things were highlighted.
    When the female who made a formal complaint, was called in to discuss the threats made against her, with a male academic, …. the male academic made her sit there and read pages and pages of the lines from the chat room, all describing the torture and mutiliation that was planned for her and her friends.
    Presumably this academic did this in order to get a stiff penis?
    What a sadist he must be.
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    Popping popcorn.
  • The very sad thing is that none of the girls who were targeted were even surprised that boys who had pretended to be friends, were secretly plotting to "fix a hot curling iron on her flaps to serve her right" The documentary ended with the girl who was of person of colour, and of course amid the hatred, racist abuse was in the mix
    None of the girls were surprised that the boys were like this
    How very sad and revealing - the trust between the genders has hit an all time low.
  • Again - are you OK? FWIW I don't think this is doing you a lot of good...
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    Links FFS or people haven't the faintest what you're going on about.
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    Links FFS or people haven't the faintest what you're going on about.

    All the little criminals were historians
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