Anglican reserved board

MockingbirdMockingbird Shipmate Posts: 8
There used to be an Anglican-themed private board, moderated by Rosseweise, but I have forgotten what it is called or how to get to it. Does it still exist?


  • BroJamesBroJames Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    There was and @Margaret would probably remember what it was called. It’s slipped my mind for the moment.

    For reasons to do with GDPR there are no longer any ‘private’ boards like that on the Ship.
  • PigwidgeonPigwidgeon Shipmate
    It was "Via Media." I remember it as being pretty inactive.
  • MockingbirdMockingbird Shipmate Posts: 8
    What is "GDPR"?
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    German Democratic People's Republic I think - a good mishmash of synonyms
  • MargaretMargaret Shipmate
    Yes, Via Media - it started off as quite a lively board, but I seem to remember it was around the time of the start of the Ordinariate, so there was quite a bit to talk about. Gradually it wound down and though Ross and I thought it was worth trying to have another go on the new Ship we didn't get enough people joining to make it make it work.
  • I took extended shore leave, and had to start a new profile. When I left, Via Media was quite active, but when I returned, so quiet that I don't think that I was even readmitted. Too bad, but the public boards probably address any conceivable Anglican need.
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