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Welcome, pilgrim, to Heaven, a merry chaos of creativity, comedy and random questions. A blessed state of e-being, free from weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the cup of absurdity runneth over. Whether you want to start a tall tale, recommend a film or discuss whether the church cat should wear liturgically correct collars, there is room for you in paradise. As someone once said: "In my father's house are many tangents" (John 14:2, The Hol-eBible, New Internetizen Version).

Please read these guidelines in conjunction with our FAQs & the ships 10 commandments. Wings are in a pile on the left, harps can be collected from St Peter, electric guitars can be obtained on request. Welcome to Heaven.

The guided tour

Behind you are the Pearly Gates, which have recently been upgraded to silicon. Ahead are a multitude of threads, which may include...

Quirky items of interest – why I chose my Internet name, bizarre Christian bumper stickers, 101 reasons for jam.

Communal writings – the Ship of Fools Song Book, a progressive novel, or your holiday planning guide.

Recommendations – want to rave about a website, book, exhibition, opera or Alan Rickman? Whatever floats your boat, really.

Civil strife in Heaven

Heaven is a safe place for shipmates to pursue friendships and allow their creative juices to flow. We want it to stay that way. This means that some sorts of post will not find a place here. If you want to discuss "Worship songs we misheard", then start the thread in Heaven. "The theology of Graham Kendrick" should be started in Purgatory, and "Why 'Shine Jesus Shine' makes me scream" belongs in Hell. If a thread descends into arguments (but it won't, will it, people?) then we will tell you to go to Hell, but in a nice angelic way of course.

Still confused?

Contact the heavenly hosts, who are @Boogie, @jedijudy and @Trudy
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