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A long long time ago in a land far away, the first ship meet was held on the Sea of Galilee. We invite you to join us in upholding this long-standing tradition in Ship of Fools style. All Saints is the place for all things community – from organizing and reporting crew meets to announcements, congratulations and prayer requests. Here are the guidelines for posting on All Saints. Please read them in conjunction with our FAQs & the ships 10 commandments. If you've just arrived and want to introduce yourself, please do so on the new member welcome thread.

The online stuff

Post greetings – wish someone a Happy Birthday or Advent, or celebrate International Window Cleaners' Day.

Make announcements – just bought a house? Had a baby? Fallen in love or been ordained bishop? We want to hear about it.

Submit prayer requests – All Saints has a thread for prayer requests, as well as a follow up thread for praise reports.

The offline stuff

Plan an offline meet – here is where it starts. Throw out suggestions, get some feedback, refine your plans. This is where you can work out the logistics of it all and make sure everyone's singing from the same hymnbook.

Report on a meet – here you can post and read about the juicy gossip and gory details.

Get some help organizing meets – several shipmates are old hands at this, and can give you tips and hints to make the most of your meet. Post your questions, your pleas, your desperate cries for help. Someone'll be along soon to guide you through losing your meet-planning virginity.

Plan an online meet – want to celebrate a milestone with the Ship of Fools family, spread all over creation? Post the date and time you want to see everyone on zoom, work out the details here, and sit back as the continents start checking in.

Post notices of events – including lectures, concerts and festivals that might serve as a background for a meet. Shipmates have mustered at a Tony Campolo lecture, the Jubilee 2000 march, and the Greenbelt Arts Festival. Events such as these can be starting points to some great fellowship, camaraderie and... er... drinking, and give a real focus for meeting up.

Your All Saints hosts are @Nenya, @Piglet & @Sarasa
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