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Welcome to the Circus, our forum for releasing your inner child. Here you can play games with other members, discover your spiritual IQ, political leanings and what level of hell you'll roast in (among many other things), and test each other's knowledge of obscure, irrelevant information. Read our guidelines for posting so you'll know what to expect. Please read them in conjunction with our FAQs & the ships 10 commandments. More importantly – have fun!

There are four main types of threads that will find a home here in The Circus: games, quizzes, polls, and conversation about sports. Here are the criteria used to determine if a thread qualifies:

  • Offline games that most people will recognize (for example Cluedo or Mornington Crescent).
  • Has a specific set of requirements for posting (e.g., Everlasting Sentences, Thread without the Letter O).

Note: How to tell if your fun idea for a thread is a game: Do posts to it have to take a particular form, or meet a specific requirement? Then them's rules, and it's a game! If you are starting a game, please spell out the rules in the opening post. Naming other shipmates in Circus games, given the potential for hurt feelings, is usually best avoided.

New people join the Ship every day, and even if a game has been played countless times already, not everyone will know how to play it. If the rules are complex or long and involved, please consider simplifying the game, or link to a site that explains them clearly. Similarly, those wishing to join in with a game should read the opening post carefully to ensure that there's no confusion about the rules.

  • A quiz designed by a member (e.g., Knockout Quiz).,
  • Quizzes and tests on the Internet (e.g., Test Your Spiritual IQ, Political Compass).

Note: If you are starting a quiz in the latter category, please provide a link to the quiz so that others can find it easily.


Polls can be serious (e.g. about current affairs or theological issues), or frivolous (e.g. Whom should I marry? or What should I have for tea?). Please make sure that questions are phrased in an unambiguous way and that the answer selections provided cover a wide range of options.

Sports threads

These tend to focus on professional sports, but conversations of your own sporting pursuits are welcome too.

Note: conversations about sports can naturally get a bit partisan and a bit heated. That's absolutely okay in The Circus so consider yourself warned, but please be mindful that the 10 Commandments (especially numbers 1 and 3) still apply.

Your ringmasters are @la vie en rouge, @Piglet and @Wesley J. Feel free to give either one of them a shout if you're hopelessly confused.
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