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Welcome to the board where we corral all the subjects that are flogged just a wee bit too enthusiastically. This is the place where all done to death threads get booted to, so that they can happily canter along with the other old nags. Here are the guidelines to posting here.

Dead Horses is where we send discussion threads that have been debated endlessly on the Ship of Fools boards before. The reason we do this is so that predictable subjects are confined to one area, allowing more creative and original topics to have the run of the other boards. Here are a few basic rules to guide you...

1. Types of threads

This board is dedicated to those topics that recur with tedious regularity on nearly every multi-denominational religious debate forum on the internet. Specifically: biblical inerrancy, homosexuality, the role of women in church and Christian households, creation and evolution, abortion, closed communion and bitching about church music. If you want to discuss any aspect of those subjects, post your thread here. Please go to the appropriate board if you want to talk about worship practices or seek support.

2. The rules

Dead Horses is really an extension of Purgatory, so not only do the Ship of Fools 10 Commandments apply, so do the Purgatory guidelines. We ask that you respect your fellow contributors by adhering to them.

3. Qualifying for Dead Horse status

Not every hotly-debated subject qualifies for Dead Horse treatment. We've established the following guidelines to identify dead horses:
  • Topics that tend to come up regularly on nearly all Christian bulletin boards, and consequently tend to clutter up such boards in a manner that discourages debate on other topics and give a false impression of the Ship as unrestful
  • Topics for which there will be no answer this side of the afterlife
  • Arguments which feature polarized, deeply entrenched positions, and where opposition is taken personally
  • Topics which cause huge headaches for the Hosts who must moderate them

Dead Horses is not for things we're tired of, things that people disagree deeply about, or general arguments that go nowhere. It's really about keeping the usual detritus from Christian bulletin boards from cluttering up the Ship. It helps to keep us unrestful and different.

Your hosts are @Louise , @john holding and @Barnabas62
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