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  • Oh well done Dormouse! Job well done!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    So smart, Dormouse!
  • Up-ended cage best way to go. Well done Dormouse, you deserve a treat.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Dormouse, you're a Bad and Evil Slave Human. :mrgreen:
  • FredegundFredegund Shipmate
    Dormouse, may I borrow you next time one of ours needs to be inserted into a carrier? There's only so much blood I'm prepared to lose.
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Yes, well done Dormouse! We’ll borrow you as well next time away. Trying to get our moggy into his carrier is just like the scene in Simon’s Cat’s Off to the Vet!
  • NicoleMRNicoleMR Shipmate
    Excellent work, Dormouse!
  • Perhaps this could be a side business for you Dormouse. We could use your help at times too, although Sydney is probably a bit far for you. Our two collaborate in confounding all efforts to be contained in cat boxes.
  • Our dog has turned into a liar. She has had a routine that she eats her supper and then gets a small chewy bone thing. No change in food. In the past 6 weeks she started leaving her supper and sitting nicely like she always did, to ask for her bone. She got away with it a couple of times, than then we stopped giving her the bone. Now she's leaving between 1 and 3 kibbles in her bowl. We tried to reduce the amount of food, and she does the same thing. She's trying to tell us something, but what? That we're not the boss of her?

    This looks to me like refusing to eat your vegetables and begging for dessert. But then I used to put my vegetables in my pockets as a child, only once forgetting to take them out before putting them in the laundry. Thankfully I have a brother to blame. If my mother was alive, I think I'd ask her if she's haunted the dog to punish me for both putting them in my pockets and blaming my brother.

  • We have two cats. One is now around two years old but came from a feral litter. She belongs to youngest son. The other is an ex show cat, Abyssinian, who was injured at a show and no further use to owners who showed him. He belongs to eldest son.

    Everyone here except me went out yesterday for the evening. Both cats put on a turn. The abyssinian walked around the various rooms looking totally miserable and making unhappy little noises. The tabby cried pitifully and noisily for son. I have been here now for nine months. They know me. I do not normally feed them but I speak to them and occasionally give them treats.

    Eventually they decided they would accept me. However they started to bully me to feed them. 6:30 pm is their dinner time and dinner is never late. Someone feeds them. The tried bribing me by smooching around my legs. They sat and stared and took turns in swearing at me, and more. Nothing worked and I fed them at normal time, but I was still being glared at this morning, even though others were back.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    edited July 2019
    So pleased to be in there they were singing to you @Dormouse 😝
  • DormouseDormouse Shipmate
    edited July 2019
    Thank you all for your congratulations...I was very surprised at the ease with which it all happened.
    Next is getting them to take their anti-flea tablets. Jasper took his without complaint, crushed up in butter. He licked it voraciously off my fingers. Bib had hers crushed-in-butter and smeared on her paws. Her paws are now clean. We assume she licked the butter /pill off.
    Millie and Pomme to go. They're the two fussy buggers.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Dormouse, I'm impressed with your cat wrangling skills.

    Aroha would not accept the worming tablet, even in her favourite food, so I bought an expensive worm and flea treatment that is squirted into the fur on the back of her neck, When I took into account the cost and aggravation of a vet visit and the pet taxi I decided I was probably about even.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Brava, Dormouse!
  • PDRPDR Shipmate
    The Missus and I have had a series of terriers down the years - present youthful resident is number six. The first five were Westies, but number six is a Wire-hair Jack Russell/Cairn cross. All have been very marked personalities. For example, Agatha was always happy, except when she was in trouble - then she would shut herself in the bathroom until penance had been completed; Giles hated incense; and Pawson has it in for the church bell whether he hears it in church or in the house. They've all been good church dogs, sitting with my wife in the pews at weekday services, and at the quieter of the two services on Sundays. I secretly suspect, though, that I am known in the town as "the preacher with the little white/cream terrier."
  • How lovely that you have a church where dogs are accepted!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    The Chub healing slowly, she has got back her fierce little yip again, which is good news.

    @PDR there are worse things to be known as than 'the preacher with the little white/cream terrier'.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    My small dog known as the Chub went to the vet to have stitches removed and the vet says she is in perfect health, no sign of kidney or bladder problems. She has all her mojo back and bullied a huge Doberman x mastiff in the vet's waiting room, glaring and giving her menacing shrill yip. Because she grew up with a Great Dane, size means nothing to her. The Doberman x mastiff cowered and trembled while his owner winced at the ear-splitting yips. The vet's bill would seem to indicate the Chub was fed on truffles, caviar, lobster and Dom Perignon champagne while staying overnight for observation.
  • Oh that made me laugh! The Chub sounds a mighty spirit in a small body. Sorry to hear about the giant bill though.... You don't need that :disappointed:
  • I'm not certain which made me laugh more - The Chub's warlike spirit or the recouperative diet.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
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    Does the happy dance at The Chubb's recovery.

    That is such good news.

    My brother's Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Rottie cross was bullied by the family cat so big doesn't necessarily mean top dog.
  • Excellent news about the Chub.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Brava, the Chub!
  • Dodger sounds a mighty warrior!
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Last night, following the first chemo treatment in my latest (and probably lastest) round, I could not sleep, thanks to severe neuropathy. But the Feline Ministry to the Sick was on the job. As I lay there quietly twitching in pain, Beatrice (the junior but still alpha) cat cuddled up under my left arm for almost six hours, whilst Aida (the senior but still beta caat) lay next to me on my right side. They were a great comfort to me. God bless the FMS.

  • the chemo did take it out of you after all :disappointed: But pleased to hear that your wonderful kitty pals were on the job - there is nothing like kitty cuddles to give succour. They really do seem to have a sixth sense about when we need nurturing.
  • We had a cat that stayed outside most of the time but when Mr Image was very sick one week, she came in and stayed in bed next to him most of the day. When he recovered said kitty returned to her backyard domaine. I agree caroline-444 they do have a sixth sense.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Spooky, the visiting cat welcomed me home today, and I pick up Aroha tomorrow.
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
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    Frantzie, my 7 year old ginger Min Pin X went missing today. She wouldn't come when we left today's prayer spot up the hill and I thought she'd come along in a few minutes but she was missing for NINE WHOLE HOURS. It was so very hot and I was really worried.
    She returned of her own accord and has been washed of the oil (?) that was all over her dear little head. And the stink.
    She is only small but a very good security dog who tells me of approaching people when I am praying in one of my "spots" in the surrounding countryside in the early morning.
    The nice thing was that when I put her on our Kibbutz Mobile Phone Group Thingy, everyone was very concerned and messaging me and a few people phoned to say they'd seen her at certain times in certain places. (She is well known but almost always with me so I thought that people might not recognise her by herself). Two people even went out to look for her in the heat. (Apart from the family I mean).
    All's well that ends well.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    I'm glad she's home safely, Galilit!
  • caroline444caroline444 Shipmate
    edited August 2019
    Galilit - you must have been beside yourself with worry! Thank goodness Frantzie is now back! What a day you've had.... If only dogs could talk, and she could tell you about her adventures.

    How heart warming that the people in the kibbutz (I presume you live in one?) were so supportive.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    I'm so glad for you that Frantzie has returned from her Adventure, It's heart stopping when they disappear, especially when it's so hot there.

    I am waiting for the pet taxi to come and pick me up so we can collect Aroha. Spooky is still crying to be let in. It is difficult to ignore her. If I didn't know she had a home I would ask the Cats' Protection people to find her one as I can't afford another cat, but the elderly woman told me Spooky was important to her, so I feel my hands are tied. To be fair, it's obvious she is being treated for her flea allergy, and probably being fed (she's not skinny), but she must race home then return here to haunt us.

    I thought I had posted this - Aroha is home, has eaten a second breakfast, thumped Spooky and is now checking the back yard.
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    Galilit - you must have been beside yourself with worry! Thank goodness Frantzie is now back! What a day you've had.... If only dogs could talk, and she could tell you about her adventures.

    How heart warming that the people in the kibbutz (I presume you live in one?) were so supportive.

    I am glad NOT to know exactly. She probably went around trying to get recapture her wild huntin' shootin' fishin' days before she was adopted. Who in their right mind would want to reminisce on homelesness?!
    Yes, people were really really nice and when I go out later they will say "Good to see your dog's ok". I am still stiff from unaccustomed walking around in jandals (flip flops/thongs) instead of my blundstones or converse. My ankles are especially sore and a bit of photo-sensitivity on my legs but at least I had the sense to put on a long shirt SPF50 and my Barmah Aussie hat
    Some People are not to be trusted off-leash. And Someone Else is in the Dog Box for saying he was busy and could not come to help when I phoned explaining that Frantzie was playing silly b*ggers when I called her.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I am greatly relieved to learn that both Frantzie and Aroha are home where they belong. (Poor Spooky - is she still crying?) They are all so dear.
  • @Galilit - flipflops are weird - it's fine to walk around in them all day around the house, but once you get them outdoors they are exhausting! Hope you get to put your feet up a bit today and (perhaps, if you feel generous) give the wayward Frantzie a cuddle.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Spooky got her revenge by sneaking in and eating Aroha's rather expensive kitten biscuits. These were probably in addition to the food her person had provided her with. Aroha had left a bit behind for later - never a wise decision with Spooky haunting the window ready for a lightening raid.

    I have missed their interaction while I was away and Aroha was banged up in durance vile (a.k.a - a cattery where they are waited on paw and paw).
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    @Galilit - flipflops are weird - it's fine to walk around in them all day around the house, but once you get them outdoors they are exhausting! Hope you get to put your feet up a bit today and (perhaps, if you feel generous) give the wayward Frantzie a cuddle.

    Re flip-flops: I was born in New Zealand - so it's "national dress"
    Re Cuddles: Indeed as I said to a friend in a text "I am not my father to give her the belting of her life when she comes home"
  • caroline444caroline444 Shipmate
    edited August 2019
    Huia: I think that is Spooky 1: Aroha 0? They do sound wonderfully entertaining. One of the things I most loved about my cats was the way they could make me laugh....
    Galilit: Glad to hear you are more benign than your father!
  • North East QuineNorth East Quine Purgatory Host
    An update on my June posts as to whether we should offer a home to Elizabeth.

    She has been here for three weeks and is settling in nicely. She is the most adorably affectionate cat I have ever come across; rather than curl up in a lap, she puts her hind legs in your lap, her front paws on your shoulders and sort of spreads herself across you, while staring into your eyes, or bumping your chin with her forehead. This makes it difficult to settle down with a good book. She likes being scratched under her chin.

    She is a beautiful, dainty calico cat, with white patches which shed hair on dark clothes, black patches which shed hair on light clothes and ginger patches which shed hair over everything else. And she has mesmerising eyes.

    The metacam gets added to her food and has been effortless so far. Previously she could only jump onto our kitchen table via a chair, so provided all chairs were pushed in under the table, the kitchen table was safe from cat. But now she's on the metacam, she can jump straight up, which is encouraging us to be a bit tidier.

    The only problem so far is that the ginger Tom from four doors down had regarded our garden as his territory and he is outraged outraged that Elizabeth has had the temerity to move in. He seems to have a sixth sense as to when she ventures into the garden, and appears. Much hissing and yowling then ensues. Worse, he has taken to appearing on our windowsills, where he sits staring in balefully at Elizabeth. Elizabeth is unnerved and, again, much yowling ensues. This is bad enough during the day, but it's happening at night too. Somehow, Elizabeth senses the presence of the ginger Tom, and goes behind the curtains to find him staring in. Whereupon there is yowling and the sound of claws on glass.

    One night last week this two-cat drama happened at 2am on my bedroom windowsill, same 18 inches from my head. I had no sooner woken in a fright that I was clunked by my bedside lamp, which Elizabeth had knocked over. I chased the ginger Tom away and was reflecting that few things are as bad at 2am than yowling / claws on glass/ getting clunked with a falling lamp, when Elizabeth proved that it there are worse things - there's yowling/claws on glass/ getting clunked and having an overexcited cat vomiting on your bedroom carpet.

    Did I mention that she is adorable?

  • 😅
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    ... Did I mention that she is adorable?
    As in the case of small children, it is a survival trait. Bless her dear little self!

  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    I'm so glad that Elizabeth has found a safe and happy home with you! Now if only the tomcat would just stay away from Elizabeth's territory.
  • You may remember me telling of Guest Cat who stayed with me on a couple of occasions.
    He retired to the country, but he became very ill recently, and he's now gone over the rainbow bridge

    He only stayed with me about four months in total, but I got very fond of him. :cry:
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Aaahh, sorry to hear that, Kingsfold. RIP Guest Cat. :cry:
  • North East QuineNorth East Quine Purgatory Host
    I'm sorry to hear that, kingsfold.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Rest in peace, Guest Cat.
  • Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat friend kingsfold.
  • So sorry Kingsfold.
  • In our neck of the woods in Northern California we are being told to keep our pets away from bodies of water, lakes, streams, oceans and such. Dogs in contact with algae blooms sometimes on surface but also underwater are killing dogs within an hour of contact. Neighbor lost her dog. So sad.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    There was something similar here on a stretch of the Saint John River, GI.

    Such a shame when the weather's hot and a dog's natural inclination is to cool down with a dip.
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