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  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Furminators are brilliant. I bought one after Brenda Clough mentioned them on the old Ship. Georgie-Porgy seems to enjoy me using it and it makes less mess for the vacuum cleaner to pick up and also far fewer furballs. I put the fur on the garden after hearing of a hairdresser who used human hair as a compost ingredient.
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    Huia wrote: »
    I put the fur on the garden after hearing of a hairdresser who used human hair as a compost ingredient.

    Birds building nests in the spring might welcome it also.

  • That's precisely the brush we have! :grin: In pinky-purple,
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I always wondered what sort of bird would put fur from a major predator into its nest, but the wads always disappeared from the yard with alacrity in springtime.

    (Mine is a sober grey.)

  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    edited August 2018
    Our birds love yellow dogs fur, but they never take the black 🤔

    I hang them in mesh ‘feeders’ in the springtime and all the small garden birds take it until it has all gone.
  • bassobasso Shipmate
    Mention of the Furminator makes me think of cat fur. Don't know how the birdies would feel about that as nesting material.
    It was a few sessions with my roommate's cat that prompted me to say that I could craft a new cat from the gleanings.
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    I have heard of people spinning dog hair and weaving fabric. I don't know about cat hair.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Climacus wrote: »

    #5 looks like a collection of hairballs.

    The birds seemed to like the soft, silky fur of our Birman cats in particular.

  • MiliMili Shipmate
    We're all pretty worried and upset at my house tonight. My housemate's little Arkie cat has been missing since this morning which as he has never been missing more than an hour has us all worried. My housemate has been talking to neighbours and one in a nearby street said the council took a dead cat from there today, but he couldn't give a description :( Arkie was microchipped and council hasn't contacted my housemate, but I fear the worst. His best friend cat moved house about a week ago and he had been depressed, but seemed to have perked up again. Maybe he went looking for his friend and got hit by a car. Really worried for housemate who will be devastated if he doesn't come back. He still likes jumping in cars so he could have hidden in one and gotten out somewhere else and got lost, so I'm trying to hope we will get him back alive, but part of me just wants to accept the worst now so I don't keep my hopes up and feel worse if it is confirmed he is dead.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    Come home Arkie :cry:
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    {{{Mili, your flatmate and Arkie}}}
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    <votive> Prayers ascending for Mili, flatmate, and Arkie.

    Please keep us apprised.

  • May Arkie find his way home to safety.
  • MiliMili Shipmate
    Sadly the deceased cat that was found a street away was taken to the RSPCA by the council and identified as Arky. I was at work, but his owner and my other housemate went to view him and will be able to bring him home for burial. She is going to bury him at her friend's house (as we are renting) with her old cat October who died a couple of years ago and we will have a 'funeral' on Saturday. She has decided not to get another cat for a long time and never while she is in this house as it reminds her of the death of both cats she lost in just over two years. :(

    The vet told us that Arky was killed instantly by a head injury caused by being hit by a car, so it is some comfort that though he was so young (20 months) he didn't suffer and probably didn't even know what happened. I barely slept last night and feel pretty broken up today. He was such a friendly cat and a comfort when we were sad.

    He was friends with a few neighbours who he liked to visit, including a young girl, and loved jumping in people's cars to play 'I'm not getting out of your car' with them. Sadly he had little fear of cars or roads and never learnt road sense. The neighbour he scratched under the eye while in his car became one of his biggest fans.

    He also was suprisingly friendly with most of the neighbourhood cats and we would often see him playing with his best buddy who just moved away, but even on his last day I saw him hanging out with a black tabby in our backyard. I was glad I gave him a pat that morning before he went out to visit the neighbourhood and never came home. We will miss him a lot, but he brought joy to many people and cats during his short but happy lifetime.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    Such sad news, Mili -- a wonderful tribute to Arky.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
  • They do get into your hearts, don't they?
  • We’re awaiting the imminent arrival of our new neighbours, and wondering how they’ll get on with our two little dogs and Tigercat. Turns out they have their own Tigercat, who’s already visited us several times over the summer, (their current house is only just up the road!) and delights in sitting in our back garden of an evening, glaring at our TC and emitting eldritch screeches. (The first time I heard him I thought either our cat was in pain or that we were being haunted).

  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Feeling so sad about Arky and all who love and miss him. :'(
  • So sorry about Arky.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    So sorry to hear that, Mili. RIP Arky. :cry:
  • Really sorry to hear that, Mili
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I am very sorry to learn about Arky. Losing them is so hard.
  • ((Arky and those that miss him))
  • :( So sorry to hear about Arky.
  • MiliMili Shipmate
    Thanks everyone. Also Miffy's story gave me a laugh at this sad time.
  • Molly was at the groomer this morning and I was home making soup. I realized that I missed my sous chief when I dropped a carrot and had to bend over to pick it up. Usually she takes care of such accidents.
  • Hi folks. Couldn't post this at the time. You'll remember I mentioned my Danny boy, my lurcher, earlier having problems. I had to have him put to sleep last Monday, 3rd Sept - early hours of the morning. After some weeks of obviously not being right, and months of tests etc, during the night something went badly wrong inside him. So much pain and distress. Vet got out as soon as she could to my place, put him out of his pain. Got his ashes back a few days ago. He was a rescue and I had him for six years - a failed foster, as they say. He was a very special little boy.
  • So sorry to hear that, Anselmina. So hard to do, even when you know it is right.
  • So sorry to hear that, Anselmina.
  • So sorry to hear about this Anselmina
  • for all who mourn their absent friends.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    So sorry to hear about Danny boy, Anselmina. I am still heartbroken about losing my Great Dane in December, far too young. Take care of yourself.
  • MiliMili Shipmate
    Sorry to hear about Danny boy :( It's such a hard decision to make, but I'm sure you gave him a wonderful 6 years.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    I'm so sad for you, Anselmina. He was lucky to have you for his Human.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I am so sorry to hear this, Anselmina.
  • Oh, I am sorry.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    So sorry to hear about this Anselmina :cry:
  • So sorry Anselmina.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    So sorry to hear that, Anselmina. RIP Danny.
  • So sorry Anselmina, I am so glad you were able to rescue him to share your home. The loss of a pet is so hard. Bless you.
  • Thanks, folks. I didn't post it on facebook because I didn't want my little furry boy's death to be just another 'oh, dear how awful for you' click on someone's feed. But it helps to share it here, where I know there's sincerity and understanding.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    I have had to have a cat put to sleep a few years ago. The vet nurse said, "This is the last good thing you can do for her" and it was... but it was also really difficult.

    Pets burrow their ways into your heart.
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    I remember the pleading look in my old dog's eyes; it seemed to say, "Do something." I did the only thing I could
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Six years ago today, D-U and I made that last journey with my beloved Jasmine. I knew the end was coming, but I was still in shock when I came home from work that last day, and I knew it was time. She was almost twenty years old, and had been with me since she was a kitten.

    It's still hard.
  • Huia wrote: »
    The vet nurse said, "This is the last good thing you can do for her" and it was... but it was also really difficult.
    The best thing for her... but so very hard for you.

    My sweet dog is getting on in years now, and she's beginning to show it. I absolutely dread the day that I have to do the last good -- and loving -- thing I can do for her.


  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Putting down my beloved cats has been among the hardest things I've had to do over the years - but at least we don't have to let them suffer. I know it's a huge ethical can of worms (and probably off-topic here), but I wish there were a legal way to help human beings who are suffering in the same ways.

  • Let Molly out last night into our fully fenced yard. We have 1/2 acre in the back and it was dark. Heard what sounded like an angry dog fight, called Molly and she came up on the porch. She had a large open cut on the end of her nose. We cleaned her up and applied first aid.I checked all of the fence this morning and it was secure. I am guessing she may have stuck her nose through the wire fence and was bitten. She seems fine this morning and has a tiny bit of swelling. We will keep an eye on her but we sure wonder just what was going on.
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