Epiphanies Guidelines

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This is our space to discuss issues where people are personally invested, and academic detachment just isn't possible as those issues involve marginalised groups, discrimination against marginalised groups and other sensitive matters.

This forum is closely hosted and we will not tolerate abusive posting, but you should remember to carefully consider what you wish to share bearing in mind that this is a public site.

1. This forum is for topics where issues and marginalised identities significantly overlap. It also has room for threads on sensitive topics, where we may discuss issues that have deep personal significance and respect for posters' lived experience will be necessary. Posting style therefore needs to reflect this; we're looking for listening, sharing, thinking and giving room to those with lived experience – aiming for constructive dialogue rather than competitive debate.

2. This forum is for serious discussion of these topics that cannot take place in a context of discriminatory language. Discriminatory language includes misgendering people or not using their preferred pronouns. It's a global forum, so do consider geographic, linguistic and cultural differences, especially when talking about the developing world, migrant populations, refugees or indigenous peoples but also bear in mind that preferred terms for discussing other issues like disability may vary too. What's acceptable in your corner of the world may be found offensive elsewhere. If necessary hosts may use the software spoiler code to hide the text of content / words / phrases that are considered problematic.

3. Purgatory Guidelines also apply. Please also carefully read Commandment 1.

4. We'd like posters to consider their footprint here. The adage "nothing about us without us" holds. We'd like folk who don't have personal lived experience of a particular subject to focus on the voices and first-hand experience of those who do. It is never going to be appropriate to flatly tell someone that their lived experience is wrong, perhaps your experience is different – and if it is relevant you can share that. But your experience of being on the wrong end of the power dynamic in one situation will not always translate to other kinds of power relationships and social challenges. This may be especially true where issues of intersectionality arise – try not to assume.

If it is not a lived reality for you, then consuming the occasional item in the media is no basis for discourse with people for whom prejudice is a daily lived reality - bear in mind these people have a right to be angry about misrepresentation and harm. For this reason and others, try to inform yourself about the issues before becoming involved in a discussion, listen with care to those who have lived this, and try to ensure your sources of information include the voices and experiences of people whose experiences and identities are bound up in the subject under discussion and are of high quality (see point 5).

5. This forum will be more closely hosted than the rest of the Ship. For example, some phrases or sources may be ruled off-limits on a particular thread if they are seen as dehumanising, poor quality or containing disinformation. Circular discussions may be closed and tangents redirected. Hosts here may instruct persistently disruptive posters to cease and desist; admins may revoke posting privileges for Epiphanies.

6. Shipmates are encouraged to PM a Host about material that is, in their opinion, of dubious provenance or from poor quality sources.

7. Thread titles need to be clear so people know exactly what they're getting into. Unclear thread titles will be amended.

8. Your Hosts here are @Gwai, @Louise and @MaryLouise
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