Ship of Fools: Redland Parish Church, Redland, Bristol, England

imageShip of Fools: Redland Parish Church, Redland, Bristol, England

‘I won’t dance – don’t ask me!’ Good for pantheists, though.

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  • what a shame they no longer use the charming old church - but certainly is on the small side.
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
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    Well, presumably it isn't practical to extend/enlarge it, but their website indicates that the church is used on Sunday evenings, and for a 10am Communion service on the first Sunday each month (in parallel with the 10am service in the Hall).

    Having a congregation too big for one's church is the stuff dreams are made of, for most of us!
  • But at what a cost! I'll go to Evensong and see if they can do both trad and contemporary. I found it almost impossible in the Hall to believe that they are Anglican, but obviously they are.
  • You may not find traditional Evensong, as such - here's what their monthly bulletin says:

    'SUNDAY EVENINGS 6:30pm Word Alive in the church. Word Alive includes a mixture of worship styles, with a more extended sermon based on a passage from the Bible. We share Holy Communion regularly (please refer to calendar for dates.)'

    Worth a visit, though, perhaps.
  • I can't wait
  • A more extended sermon!? It's already 28 minutes.
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
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    A certain Vicar, at the Church of my Yoof, used to preach for over 45 minutes at the evening service.

    I know this, because I looked my watch when he started, and looked at it again when Mrs BF woke me up, as he finished.

    I kid you not.

    But maybe they're going for interactive times of teaching, with discussion groups, plenary sessions, cutting things out with scissors, drawing on big bits of paper with crayons...
  • Only 3 days to wait - if I'm spared.
  • Please God, you are so spared - your MWs are entertaining, and illuminating.
  • Thank you. I suspect it may prove the stuff of nightmares but I'm cultivating an open mind.
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