Ship of Fools: All Saints Ashmont, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

imageShip of Fools: All Saints Ashmont, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Ship of Fools

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  • Alsatian DalmationAlsatian Dalmation Shipmate Posts: 1
    A few things about this parish since this was posted - notably, a *complete* renovation of the building, inside and out, with revoicing of the CB Fisk organ at the back, and the installation of a restored EM Skinner organ in the chancel (replacing an older Hutchings).

    All above as noted by Sursum Corda, the choir is men and boys, the service is solemn high sung mass (smells and bells, as they say; Anglo-Catholic is the exact dimension). Typical Sunday morning at the main service is 200+, special evening liturgies such as Christmas Eve and Candlemas draw many more.
  • Thanks for the update, @Alsatian Dalmation - I missed this Report first time round.

    What a delightfully English-looking church it is! It would fit very well into a typical leafy Victorian/Edwardian suburb in many English cities, though such a church in the UK might not have quite such a substantial regular congregation these days.
  • boston_irishboston_irish Shipmate Posts: 14
    This parish wouldn’t have a substantial regular congregation either if it weren’t for the gentrification of the neighborhood by the LGBTQ community. It’s also a welcoming house of worship for disenfranchised Catholics in this once staunchly Irish Catholic area (Dorchester) of Boston. Great music program. 👏👏🏽👏🏿
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