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  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
  • I've been seeing coyotes early in the morning in the vacant field behind our apartment building. A few days ago I spotted a very healthy looking one. This morning I spotted another -- don't know if it was the same one -- very thin and obviously injured -- held one front paw out in front of him as he walked on his other three legs. He would take a few steps, stop, and then sit or lie down. I've never seen a coyote lie down. He was obviously in pain -- I felt very sorry for him. Finally he got up and limped away.
  • I called the city's Animal Control Bureau re the coyote, but they weren't open yet and so I left a message in voicemail. They didn't call back. I saw the coyote come limping back again last night around suppertime, but I haven't seen him this morning. Animal Control is closed today (Sunday), but if I see the coyote again Monday I'll call them during hours.
  • Thank you for caring, and acting, on behalf of this poor coyote., Miss Amanda.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    What Pigwidgeon said.
  • Indeed yes, Miss Amanda.
  • Call Miss Amanda a sentimental old biddy, but there's a special place in her heart reserved for coyotes. It must be that I've seen too many Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons. Coyotes are only doing what God put them on earth to do. There's no need to vilify them. Besides, they look so much like dogs that you can't help wondering if they share dogs' personalities. They do to a degree -- they can coexist very successfully with humans but resist being domesticated.
  • We have a family near us this year. Indeed the pups play like young dogs.
  • Didn't see my Wounded Warrior last night or this morning. We also have some feral cats in the neighborhood. This morning Sister Mary Kat (all black except for white breast) was prowling around Wounded Warrior's field with impunity. I doubt that Wounded Warrior would have been able to catch her if he was around. In his condition he'd be lucky to catch a sleeping rattlesnake.
  • The coyotes eat mice-like critters. Of which there are many varieties. Though I've seen them get rabbits and grasshoppers. They will eat cats, but not usually liking claws and fighting back.

    I like them too. I've no good idea how foxes and coyotes get along.
  • I have a feeling he hasn't eaten for a long time in his condition. He'd probably welcome not only a nice fat cat, but inedibles such as olives, avocados, sushi and shrimp as well. Oops, that's another thread.

    Smithsonian Magazine says that foxes and coyotes are natural enemies but that the necessity of urban living sometimes makes them co-exist.
  • We have foxes and coyotes in my neighborhood (the other side of town from Miss Amanda). I've seen foxes at my house and at my church, but haven't seen coyotes here yet. However, a lot of people in my NextDoor on-line group see them regularly. They apparently don't bother each other, both preferring smaller prey. We really appreciate our foxes helping with our roof rat problem.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    Tangentially, I saw something recently that some ravens and wolf pups play together! The raven holds a stick/twig for the pup to grab, and sometimes *playfully* tugs at the pup's tail.
  • A friend of mine had a dog who was, he thought, part coyote. She had been a rescue from a shelter, and he and his then wife picked her. The shelter confirmed that she was at least feral, and had been picked up in an area known for its coyote population. She was, in fact, a lovely dog, and quite handsome. Back in the day when it was allowed, he'd often bring her to the pub, and I never once heard a peep from her, and she had a very gentle mouth when I'd give her a treat. Much better behaved than some of the customers.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I am Not. A. Fan. of coyotes, but I hate to see any creature suffer. Good on you for making those calls, Miss Amanda.
  • I saw Wounded Warrior again yesterday morning, but not this morning. He seems to be accepting his disability a little better -- still limping, but holding the injured limb steadier and hobbling faster than before. I still don't think he's able to catch any prey, though. I'm tempted to buy a big fat roasting chicken at the supermarket and throw it over the fence for him.

    There's a clump of brush at one end of the field, and he eventually headed to there. I took my camera and tried to get up close (on my side of the fence, of course) on the pretext of taking out the garbage, but I couldn't see if he had a den there, and didn't spot him.
  • I know we are told not to feed the wildlife, and with good reason. In our area feeding the deer means they hang around in the same area and are more likely to be picked off by our resident mountain lion. It also keeps them from getting the natural balanced diet that they need to be healthy. Never the less Miss Amanda, I am hoping you sling him that chicken, if just to keep him going while he heals more.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    And, if I may suggest, wear disposable gloves (or even plastic bags) when you handle the meat, and find a way to responsibly dispose of them (or at least bag them up) before you get home. Probably best for everyone if he doesn't follow your (and/or the meat's) scent,show up at your home, looking for second helpings.

    Best of luck, and stay safe!
  • He wouldn't know where it came from. To get to the field, which is partially enclosed by a fence, I have to cross the road that runs in back of our building. Even if he limped out of the field (which he apparently does during the daytime), it wouldn't occur to him to limp over to my apartment, as that would not have been the source of the chicken.

    At any rate, with the price of meat being what it is, I have decided against the idea. There are those little GEICO Gecko=type lizards all over the place here, and I am sure there is a rattlesnake or two in the clump of brush at one end of the field, to say nothing of mice. If he's catching anything, it's probably those. If he's not . . . well, I do feel sorry for him, but nature must take its course even if it does strike us humans as cruel at times.

    Speaking of rattlesnakes . . . I understand that coyotes are especially fond of them. They tease the snake until it stretches out full-length, and then they snap its head off.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Having lived in Newfoundland, where coyotes are considered a bloody nuisance (they were introduced to the island and no-one seems to know quite why), if they kill snakes*, then they are without doubt a Good Thing. <shudder>

    * Not that there's any need for that in Newfoundland - they haven't got any.
  • A new coyote out in the field this morning. Sniffing around like he owned the place. Healthy looking, no sign of a limp. Obviously not Wounded Warrior. He eventually disappeared down a little gully and I lost sight of him. I may take a walk later and inspect the area more closely.
  • Wounded Warrior was back this morning. I got some good photos here, here, and here.
  • Miss Amanda, is he walking any better?
  • I do believe he is, although obviously the injury will not heal. It looks to me (at a safe distance) like a broken paw. But he's still alive, so apparently he's catching some game.
  • Wounded Warrior and Healthy Boy were both out in the field this morning. Photo here. I'm beginning to wonder if they're an "item".
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    Miss Amanda--

    In that last pic, which is which, please?

  • Wounded Warrior to the left, Healthy Guy to the right.
  • Do Arizona coyotes feel free to advertise their (ahem) tastes? Or is it, "No, no... We just happen to be a pack of two"?
  • Whoo Whooo our local fire is 75 percent contained today and all evacuation orders are lifted, and the road is again open so my son can get through to visit and help care for his dad. What a relief, but I still plan to move. 4 fires in 5 years is too hard on this old ladies nerves.
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Thank goodness, @Graven Image! I think a move is an excellent idea 🕯.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    Graven Image, that's such good news!! What a relief!
  • Dropped my phone this afternoon -- it slid under the cushion of my chair and I had a heck of a time retrieving it. But it went bonkers -- died a sudden death. Had to go out to buy a new one. Thank goodness the T-Mobile store was still open. I'm skating the learning curve tonight.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    Have you all seen Mars tonight? It's bright red! Really cool!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    There was something decidedly red-looking in the sky over Edinburgh the other night - I understand it's Mars being as close to Earth as it gets for quite a long time.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    I voted! :) I put my ballot in the mail yesterday, and I've already gotten a ballot-tracking message that they've received it! Woo-hoo! Wheeee!
    {happy dance}
  • I am viewing the ship as I wait for our power to once again be shut off because of strong winds, dry air, and fire danger. This time they tell us it will only be for 2 days. I have the frig. packed with bottles of frozen water, a small ice chest ready with things such as milk I will need daily. I do not plan to open the freezer for the two days so food should be okay. I have the wee camper pulled out in the driveway and packed and ready to go in case of fire. The power went off as I was typing the above. We made it through just fine. It was kind of fun like camping with your own bed and bathroom. Now to clean up the yard.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    {{{{{{{GI & Mr. GI}}}}}}}

    Good planning and prep! :)
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    @Graven Image 🕯 hope all your preparations are not needed 🙂
  • @Graven Image 🙏🏼 Hope all is OK. Is it very late in the year for fires? Just thinking that late April would be very late for bushfires in Australia.
  • @WorminThe Grass, Yes late in the season, usually having some rain by now. This year no rain in sight. Very dry and wind coming from inland rather than cooler coastal winds. So far so good. Report of a blaze today, but happily just a flare-up in the already burned area.
    Thankfully to fire personal who hiked in and out rugged terrain to spot check it. Turned out to be a lot of smoke but little flame.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    So...given the fraught and possibly violent nature of the election mess, I plan to do any necessary errands over this weekend, so I won't *have* to go out during whatever might happen on Nov. 3rd and the next few days.

    Anyone else? And safe hugs to anyone who has no choice but to go out.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Prayers ascending that it all goes off smoothly, and for wisdom as you cast your votes.
  • I have people coming to me Tuesday (house cleaners) and Wednesday (carpet cleaner). I have no plans to go anywhere until Wednesday when we're having a special post-election Evening Prayer at my church (outdoors in the courtyard). When our Rector noticed that I had signed up to attend he called and asked me to read the Lessons for it.
  • TukaiTukai Shipmate
    First Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia. It's an official public holiday in Melbourne and an informal excuse for afternoon parties in the rest of Australia - all for a horse race! But his year, covid restrictions apply at the racecourse, although the race will still run and millions will be bet on it by once-a-year punters usual.

    But this year it is overtaken in public thinking by the much bigger-stakes event in USA that day. Most Australians who think about it are praying for "peace in our time", not least in what threatens to be the Dodge City/ Boot Hill atmosphere of gun-toting America. Certainly I'm praying for the physical and mental health of Shipmates caught up in it all.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    May I drop in to wish you all wisdom and good sense as you cast your votes?*

    You'll be in my prayers this evening.

    * I'm aware that some of you already have, but you get my meaning.
  • Thank you, Piglet. We all need all of the prayers we can get, from all over the world.

    I'm frightened that Trump will win. I'm terrified of the behavior of his supporters either way. I've never bulk-shopped before Election Day before, and I was amazed to see Costco so much busier than usual this morning. It's really scary.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory
    Thanks for all the prayers, concern, and good wishes for us. The same for you, as appropriate.
  • Thank you so much Piglet. With just the crazy no-masker protesters riding around in our county with their flags and big get-togethers already I do indeed fear the days following the election. I mailed in my ballot and I plan to stay home for the rest of the week.
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