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Welcome to Hell. Got a complaint, a rant or a personal argument to settle? Feel free to add it to the uproar – so long as you have a thick skin to match. The flames are fast and furious here, so back out if you don't want to be roasted to a crisp. Please read, study and become one with these guidelines before plunging in, because ignorance of the law is no excuse and our normal rules on civility are abandoned on this forum.. Read these guidelines in conjunction with our FAQs & the ships 10 commandments - only commandments 3 and 4 do not apply here.

1. Warning – by starting a thread in Hell, or indeed taking part in one, you are drawing a large bullseye on your chest.

2. Strong language
– only use colourful language if it's genuinely humorous. Gratuitous posting of offensive language will reveal your intellect for what it is, and you will be treated accordingly. Thread titles may be edited to keep Hellish content and language inside Hell and not on its front door.

3. Flaming
– if you need to flame someone, this is the place. However, if you make unprovoked attacks, asbestos underwear is highly recommended. Also, remember there is a real person on the other side of the internet, and words can hurt. If it’s all getting to you, practice self care and log off for a bit if necessary.

When you enter Hell bear in mind any attempt to use sensitive personal information disclosed elsewhere on the ship as ammunition will earn you the undivided attention of Hosts, Admins, the ghosts of Crew past, the ghosts of Crew future and the Lord your God - so don’t.

4. Hell calls
– if you're involved in a personal argument on another forum, you may take the dispute to Hell. If you do, your opening post should say which forum and thread you've come from, as well as who your argument is with. Taking an argument to Hell helps keep the decks swabbed, and can be a useful dispute resolution mechanism. There’s no obligation to go to Hell or to respond to Hell calls, but you don't have the option to engage in personal disputes anywhere else.

5. Accountability
– by posting in Hell, you agree that you are accountable for what you write. There is no comeback from here – no whining, no complaining, no appeals to lower authority. You've reached the end of the road.

6. Shelf life
– Hell threads, especially threads calling other Shipmates to Hell, often have a limited shelf life. If posters engage in thread necromancy (resurrecting a thread on which there have been no recent posts), Hell Hosts will feel free to shoot the thread in the heart with a silver bullet.

7. The rules – in all other respects, the normal Ship of Fools 10 Commandments continue to apply. While you have a right to hold whatever opinion you like, if you post racist, sexist, disable-ist, or whateverist drivel here, may God have mercy on your soul.

Your hosts are @chrisstiles & @Dafyd . They may even be helpful.
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