Ship of Fools: St Paul Lutheran, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

imageShip of Fools: St Paul Lutheran, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Stiff upper lips and prosperity gospel – but no social distancing!

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  • Thank you for the very interesting report! When my schedule permits, I'll have to tune in. I'm interested in the liturgical aspect of the service, which sounds much to my taste, but your description of the sermon has rather piqued my interest. (Oh, and I did check out the Purple Turtle's website, just to see what sort of boite Miss Amanda might grace.)
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth Mystery Worship Editor
    edited September 2020
    Re the Purple Turtle: the photo on their home page flatters it.

    Re the church: It's to my liturgical taste too, and I do intend to check it out in person once I've been vaccinated (but not before).
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