Ship of Fools: St Edmundsbury Cathedral, England

imageShip of Fools: St Edmundsbury Cathedral, England

Doing as one is told – in the cold

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  • Ahem! Until 1974 Bury was the county town of WEST Suffolk, and Ipswich of East Suffolk. By the way the Diocesan offices are in Ipswich.
  • Ipswich, of course, was once one of the largest and most important ports in England (if not THE most important), and retains a goodly number of its mediaeval churches - some in religious, and some in secular, use.

    St Edmundsbury Cathedral, though, seems to be making the best of the restrictions imposed, but (as the MWer says) is still finding its way around the technical requirements of live-streaming etc., as are many of us!

    Maybe they'll experiment a bit with the position of the choir, for instance, so as to improve the acoustics.

    90 in the congregation isn't too bad, but yes, maybe they're being cautious. Our Cathedral (with a much smaller nave) is restricted AFAIK to around 50, but they do have two Eucharists on Sunday (930am and 1130am). The spacing-out of the chairs does, I agree, look very odd...but such is The New Normal.
  • I see this service was saved and is now available online on the cathedral's facebook page, along with others. A warmer way to keep up with the cathedral, perhaps, and it is lively and often updated. They have really got the hang of using social media.
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