Styx: Ruth stepping down

RooKRooK Admin Emeritus
edited November 2021 in Limbo
After being on the leadership team of the SoF for basically forever, @Ruth has decided that it's time to step away and make room for new personalities on the Hosts and Admins boards.

I'm a mopey mess about it, but she has promised to continue to be active as a Shipmate. So maybe I'll post out here more often just to hang out with her. She has been foundational in my time here, and it extends to a lot of how I've come to regard the world. I simply can't thank her enough for all that she's done.


  • GwaiGwai Epiphanies Host
    @Ruth you've been a terrific wise person. Thanks for everything you've given the ship.
  • Barnabas62Barnabas62 Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Spot on, RooK and Gwai. Ruth’s strong consistent values and the way she’s applied them without fear or favour have made her a unique Host and Admin. A great example to all of us.

    Enjoy your retirement Ruth and I’ll look forward to seeing you around. Reaching back to our early days, I’m sure you’ve got quite a few more ‘home runs’ to hit in our discussions here. I shall look forward to watching them soar!
  • Ruth has been one of the greats. Congratulations on your well-earned retirement. With RooK I hope to continue to see you around the boards.
  • Thank you for all you've done, Ruth, and enjoy your retirement.
  • NenyaNenya Ecclesiantics & MW Host
    Thank you, Ruth. Very glad you will still be here.
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Thank you, Ruth!
  • Yes, thanks so much, @Ruth
  • Gramps49Gramps49 Shipmate
    Retire well, Ruth.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    Thank you for everything Ruth 👏🏼
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Ruth, I'll miss you terribly backstage, but am very glad you will still be sharing your wisdom with us on these boards! You are a treasure, and I hope your retirement will be full of everything you desire!
  • NicoleMRNicoleMR Shipmate
    Congratulations on your retirement, Ruth.
  • JapesJapes Shipmate
    Many thanks for all you have done @Ruth ! Glad you'll still be around!
  • Enjoy your retirement Ruth :)
  • Thank you!
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Thanks Ruth for helping keep us on an even keel all these years.
  • Many thanks from me too!
  • LeafLeaf Shipmate
    Ruth, I respect and appreciate your leadership here. Thank you!
  • AmosAmos Shipmate
    Thank you, Ruth. You are awesome.
  • Many thanks to you, Ruth!
  • MiliMili Shipmate
    Thank youRuth for your many years hosting. Glad you are staying on board as a shipmate.
  • @Ruth has always been the voice of sense, compassion, caring, clarity. Thank you so much for all you have given to the ship, and how much you have formed it over the years.
  • One more here. Please stay around as an unpaid deck hand,
  • Tree BeeTree Bee Shipmate
    Thank you Ruth! So glad you’re staying on board.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Thank you very much, Ruth, for the excellent work throughout all the years. :)

    And I am happy that we will not be entirely ruthless in the future!
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Thank you Ruth. I join others in being happy to hear you'll still be around.
  • MamacitaMamacita Shipmate
    Thank you, Ruth, for all you have done for the Ship, for - as others have already said - your wisdom, clarity, objectivity, and values (and on a personal note, for all the backstage advice during my hosting years). Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.
  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    While we all must do as we must, I for one will miss Ruth's steady, intelligent, fair-minded guidance. May your retirement be rewarding for you; the rest of us will miss your presence. Thank you so much for al you've contributed here.
  • Well done, Ruth. You've done a great job.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Thanks for your leadership, Ruth.
  • Thank you for all the hard work over the years.
  • RuthRuth Shipmate
    Thank you all for your kindness!
  • jbohnjbohn Shipmate
    Well done, Ruth, and enjoy "retirement"!
  • TurquoiseTasticTurquoiseTastic Kerygmania Host
    Absolutely @Ruth - thank you for many years of watchfulness!
  • Thank you, @Ruth, for your fairness and forthrightness.
  • BroJamesBroJames Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Thank you, @Ruth, for your fairness and forthrightness.
    Thank you for this which so much expresses what I want to say. I have hugely valued your principled and thoughtful posting and hosting.
  • Sorry to be late to the party! But just to say another 'thank you' to @Ruth . You've done a tremendous job for such a long time.
  • Thank you. Rest well.
  • Another one late to the party. Many thanks from me, too.
  • Only just seen this, so saying thank you to Ruth too. Knowing when to give up is quite a wise thing, hope you are able to enjoy the Ship in a different way now.
  • @ruth thank you so much for all you've done and for all the things you've taught me over the years. It really isn't going to be the same backstage without you.

    Enjoy being a Shipmate and your well earned freedom!
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