Ship of Fools: St James, Piccadilly, London

imageShip of Fools: St James, Piccadilly, London

Pharisees and the homeless at a conventional but heartfelt eucharist

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  • Gary2Gary2 Shipmate Posts: 6
    that sounds wonderful
  • It's a fine church - a young lass from Our Place, now living in London post-graduation, attends.

    St James has a good musical tradition - the said young lass is an excellent singer - but it looks (from their website) as though the Sunday Eucharist is rather more low-key than pre-Plague. The church is open for a couple of hours 3 days a week for private prayer, but no weekday Eucharists are listed - and I wonder what's happened to the homeless?
  • By-the-by, I see that the Eucharist for St James's Day (25th July) was celebrated in the courtyard, and, looking at the words of the liturgy (thoughtfully provided online), there appears to be a certain Iona flavour about parts thereof.

    None the worse for that, of course!
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