Ship of Fools: St Cecilia Parish, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

imageShip of Fools: St Cecilia Parish, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A creative approach to music – much to admire

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    Good report. Saint C’s checks off all the boxes in a good way. If I lived closer this would definitely be my home parish. Yes, Fr [name retracted]’s Masses tend to…. erm go on for a bit. So if you find yourself in Boston and you’re looking for a ‘Golfer’s Special’ a Sunday morning Mass right at 30 minutes, try nearby St Francis Chapel at the Prudential Center. The OVM priests will have you in and out in a jiff.
  • boston_irishboston_irish Shipmate Posts: 30
    It’s OMV, sorry. Oblates of the Virgin Mary
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    OVM - Officious Virtuous Mothers?

    Back to the report. boston-irish, do you have any comment on the make-up of the congregation please? The MW describes it as "(a) diverse congregation in every way except race" by which I gather it is almost entirely white.
  • Interpolationist - what a lovely word! I shall apply it immediately to Father-In-Charge at Our Place, as he has a similar habit of commenting, explaining etc., so that our Sunday service is at least twenty minutes longer than it need be...
  • boston_irishboston_irish Shipmate Posts: 30
    Re: Diversity. As I said this is not my home parish. But as I’ve noticed from visiting other churches in the area (TECUSA) the congregations are largely white with little or no diversity. The Back Bay and Beacon Hill areas of Boston could hardly be called diverse. They are as WASPy as you can get. The fact that there is a Catholic church in the area is remarkable in and of itself. Another thing, people who live in Boston proper walk to church or take the subway. They don’t drive, there’s no parking anyway. There are Catholic Churches in other parts of the city that reflect the makeup of the neighborhood. We still have many churches that are still all Italian, Portuguese, French, Irish, etc. We are slowly making progress in the diversity department. We just elected a woman of color as mayor. Baby steps.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Thanks - I was rather surprised at a Catholic church in the sort of Boston area you described.
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