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Have you been wandering aimlessly, looking for answers to all those burning Ship of Fools-related questions? Rest awhile, ye tortured souls. Whether you need technical help, have a question for these discussion boards, a bright idea for the main site, or just want to practice your BBCode before you wreak havoc on another board, the river Styx is the place. Dive right in and a ferryman will be along to pick you up shortly.

This board is the information clearinghouse for the whole Ship of Fools site. Your hosts here are the administrators of the boards. They're here to help you get the most out of the SOF voyage. Here is a list of the subject areas covered on this board...

1. Technical problems and suggestions

This is the place to raise technical and other issues about Ship of Fools and these discussion boards.

2. General questions and idea-sharing

This includes the 10 Commandments (our in-house board rules), better ways to run the whole site, ideas for new features, and pointers to websites and stories you think we ought to know about.

3. Media reports

If you know Ship of Fools has been mentioned in the media, please use this board to share what info you have. We often only get to know that we've been covered when someone lets us know by email.

4. Practice makes perfect

Feel free to use the BBCode practice thread if you're planning to astound people with bold letters or pictures of your Mum. Nothing says "laugh at me" like mucking up your BBCode, particularly in the middle of a Very Serious Post. Please take advantage of this area. It makes the job of running the rest of the boards so much easier.

5. Complaints about H&A rulings

If you feel that any ruling is wrong or unfair, the Styx is the place to bring that up. Start a new thread. Then create an opening post, quoting or linking the H&A post(s) which you believe to wrong or unfair and explain where you think the fault lies.

6. Ship developments

This board is also used to announce the launch of new features and other bits of news. Therefore, watch this space...


The Styx is hosted by Admins Emeritus @RooK and @Ruth.
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