Cancer SUCKS



  • MelangellMelangell Shipmate
    And prayers from me...
  • Graven ImageGraven Image Shipmate
    Praying for Galilit and all who post here. Mr. Image is now under Hospice care and what a relief. He has been falling a lot lately so from a walker to a wheelchair is a great idea he finally agreed to. They brought in a new wheelchair, and a hospital bed is on the way. He fell again just when we were accepted with Hospice, and although I did call the fire dept for help in getting him up, the nurse was here in 20 minutes to check him over. We both love his charge nurse, and the chaplain visited today. Seems like a nice fellow. Both are male and I think it is good for Mr. Image to have some guys to talk to about the joys of being a veteran and the fun of motorcycles and such. I can not tell you what a relief it is to me to have the support.
  • Lamb ChoppedLamb Chopped Shipmate
    I'm glad of that.
  • RockyRogerRockyRoger Shipmate
    Prayers of thanks for all especially Mr and Mrs Image. Mrs RR has been told she hasn't got throat/tongue cancer (says the doctor) but something else entirely .... Quite a relief but it's been a worrying and exhausting few weeks.
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    You are all in my prayers 🕯
  • SarasaSarasa All Saints Host
    @Galilit and Mr Image are in my prayers. That is good news @RockyRoger. My mother went through lots of test when they thought she had some sort of mouth/throat cancer. Turned out to by shingles, I think, though we never got to the bottom of it.
  • HelixHelix Heaven Host
    Checking in and wondering how folk are, hoping there is adequate support where needed.
  • RockyRogerRockyRoger Shipmate
    Please pray for A, in our Pilgrims' homegroup, whose husband C, died of cancer this week. Very quickly from diagnosis. Now I learn that L, our lovely next door neighbour, is being investigated with some urgency for bladder/kidney cancer. And for T her husband and their family.
    Lord, have mercy ....
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Praying 🕯
  • NicoleMRNicoleMR Shipmate
    Went for my six-weekly port flush and blood tests today; all good.
  • SojournerSojourner Shipmate
  • Good to hear @NicoleMR

    Dad had bits sliced out of his arm a week ago. The surgeon's happy with how the op went, the arm is healing up, and we have another 4 weeks (best guess of the surgeon, given histology backlog at the mo) till we find out if the melanoma spread or not.

    The Race for Life ads currently on my usual radio station don't really help me with waiting calmly!
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    Went up to the oncologist at noon, He thinks my cancer has mutated and wanted me to get a biopsy. Brilliant idea, I thought. (This mutation that my oncologist is thinking of is one that Rossweisse (RIPRIG) had at one point so I knew what he was talking about.) Anyway ... he found Someone who knew Someone in the Big City and it turns out it is an actual operation and I have to go to an actual hospital and have A Little Operation. "What a waste of resources", I said "Why can't I do it on an out-patient basis with a local anesthetic?"

    I am so used to living in the Provinces where people know me and so they give me chances and choices and bend the rules for me because they know me and love me. (And others too, I assume.) Not like in the centre of the Empire itself where there are protocols for everything and noone knows who you are or thinks you are in any way special .

    It seems I can be a "pirate" no longer. And what with computers and all there is less opportunity for piracy by anyone, including doctors in The Provinces

    Just spent 3 hours horizontal and I am now getting used to the idea of having to Be in Hospital for a day or two. If it transpires that this mutation has indeed mutated there is A Pill for it. So that's good.

    I have had a good run doing exactly what I like, how I like ... in all aspects of my life ... . And if this biopsy gives me the way to more effective medication ... then I will live longer and better.

    So we will start to get that organised on Sunday ...
  • SojournerSojourner Shipmate
    Just saw this: all the best
  • SarasaSarasa All Saints Host
    Thinking of you @Galilit
  • MamacitaMamacita Shipmate
  • ((( @Galilit ))) Hoping that all goes well.
  • SandemaniacSandemaniac Shipmate
    ((( @Galilit ))) Hoping that all goes well.

    From the plague ridden corner of the same household, seconding that!
  • Praying that this is all a good thing.
  • I found a Father's Day picture of Mr. image taken a year ago and, compared it with the one our son took today. I was shocked at the change. So heartbreaking. I guess living with him day by day I had not noticed how he had gone done. Good news is he seems in no pain.
  • SusanDorisSusanDoris Shipmate
    Six-month check-up today. Lump still there, unchanged.Pills (Anastrozole) have not reduced it, so 'What would you like me to do?' askes the Very nice Consultant. I said I was hoping they would decide! Anyway, decision quickly made: lumpectomy on Monday, 11th July in the afternoon under a local anaesthetic. Home in time for tea!
  • CathscatsCathscats Shipmate
    All the best with that @SusanDoris.
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