Cancer SUCKS



  • Oh, @Galilit , that is maddening. Hoping and praying that you get the care you need. Hugs and good thoughts for all here including @NicoleMR and @SusanDoris
  • My thanks for good wishes - much appreciated.
  • No chemo for me today, my doctor's on vacation or something this week. Nice break for me.
  • Lucky thing!
  • Second blood test Thursday, result yesterday. First was 50.4 and this one is 52 point something. So now I wait for ultra-sound on Wednesday. I shall of course be over the moon if all is clear, but I think that is more than somewhat unlikely!!

    I did some reading yesterday about ovarian and endometrial cancers and learnt one or two things I didn't know before, but the more I read, the more I realised how very fortunate I was to have encountered forward-thinking Consultants 47 years ago when I had the hysterectomy.
  • Sounds like it, SusanDoris
  • Back from my chemo and checkup with my surgeon. They couldn't draw blood through my port again, and had to use my hand, But aside from that everything went well and the checkup with the surgeon was good.
  • Very annoying ... but keep cheery.
    You are doing so well.
    I was a wreck on Taxol
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Well done, @NicoleMR
  • May things continue going as well as possible for you, @NicoleMR.
  • So pleased to hear that things are going okay, NicoleMR.

    I had my scans this morning and, much to my huge relief, nothing nasty in the way of lumps found. So it's back to GP for further investigations.
  • Keeping all here in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, folks.
  • Thank you all! And congrats, SusanDoris!
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    Well my sister's friend Ann has passed. She never got the chance at the experiemental program. Also had an elderly friend with advanced dementia pass last week. She had a mass in her abdoman but since her dementia was so advanced it was decided to do paliative care. Damn it's been a crappy start to the Christmas season.
  • I'm so sorry. That sucks.
  • So sorry Kyzyl.
  • I got my new drug today and a month's extension on my ongoing Magic Pill which is working sub-optimally but I am not sick enough for anything else yet.
    Though I still have to make a request for the next dose of it in a fortnight ... then two weeks after that, then monthly. I am now using a private insurance to pay for the Magic Pill since the Public Health system won't pay for it any more. (It costs 75% of our monthly not-especially-high income so it's a bit hard to finance ourselves on an ongoing basis! )
    I like my doctor's thinking, by the way. It's an interesting situation and I think he has found a good solution to it.
    Though he cannot influence the Public Health.
    I am not even half-dead yet so I think it's really rotten of them
  • Yes indeed! How the hell do you make it?
  • Galilit

    Hooray for magic pills and lovely to hear that they are working for you.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Thinking of you Galilit and hoping that the combination continues to work well for you, Having a doctor who ekes the best they can out of a crappy system is a plus, but I wish the system itself were better.
  • I actually would not describe our public health system as "crappy". It's worked well for me till now if I am honest. (And I live in a rural area too)
    This is the upside of a being a nation of hypochondriacs and mothers who encourage their children to be doctors!!
    Though I am furious (not to mention fraught and distraught) over the past six weeks. Why punish people for doing their very best to survive even beyond statistical norms?

  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Fair enough. I'm probably influenced more by thinking of the system here. Pharmac, the drug buying agency, are currently being reviewed mainly due to criticism from The Cancer Society.
  • Yes, I am on a drug that in A~NZ cost $85k a year until March 2020 and considered my self very fortunate to get it in the Free Basket here.
  • HelixHelix Heaven Host
    Thoughts for all who are walking this path, who have loved ones walking this path.
  • Galilit wrote: »
    Yes, I am on a drug that in A~NZ cost $85k a year until March 2020 and considered my self very fortunate to get it in the Free Basket here.

    Very pleased to hear

  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Bloody Hell. That' more than I paid for my house!

    I totally take back my ignorant comment.
  • And again I had chemo and all went well though once again they had to take blood through my hand because they couldn't get it through the port.
  • This sounds weird to me - I mean it comes gushing out like a fountain when you put the Port Needle in and it comes out the tube (from the stabby Port Needle) and flows nicely into a test tube thingy with a stopper and then gets sent to the bloods lab .... Then you flush it back up the wee tube with saline and attach the chemo stuff from its hanging tube (that comes from the plastic sack). If I was there, I'd do it for you myself, dear

    Again, well done you!
  • This is not cancer GP confirmed today that ultra-sounds did nmot find tumours - but I'm putting it here because I'm not sure where else to put it.
    I had what the hospital called a 'small' heart attack last week, and with blocked arteries, stents not possible, so I've been put on something called Ranolazine for management as best possible treatment along with other pills. How long do I have? Well, that's the how long is a piece of string question. I find my voice wobbling a bit here and there! But otherwise I don't worry- that's wasted energy.

    I'm nearly 86 an am so very lucky to have had that time and will take and enjoy every day as it comes. And, you know, the string might be longer than I think!

  • ((SusanDoris))
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    May that string be very long, @SusanDoris!
  • You are a brave woman, @SusanDoris.
  • Good luck with everything, SusanDoris.
  • I mean, if we're doing "I've not got cancer", I can announce I've not got cancer. Which is nice.

    (I had my gallbladder out 8 weeks ago, and had the post-op follow-up today. Dr said "we didn't find any cancer". I wasn't expecting them to, but it's good to have it confirmed since my dad died of pancreatic cancer.)
  • NenyaNenya Ecclesiantics & MW Host
    That's excellent news, @Doc Tor .

    Sending love to you, @SusanDoris . May your string indeed be long.
  • Sorry to hear that @SusanDoris

    @Doc Tor glad you haven't got pancreatic cancer, having seen ken die of it.
  • May your string be long, strong, and unfrayed @SusanDoris.
  • Enjoyed your note so much, SusanDoris! That is the kind of attitude that gets us all through this stuff. I've been avoiding this thread for a while - too much to take in at times; it has been bad among our friends lately. We're just back from a trip to visit a friend whose wife didn't make it through pancreatic cancer.
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    SusanDoris wrote: »
    I'm nearly 86 an am so very lucky to have had that time and will take and enjoy every day as it comes. And, you know, the string might be longer than I think!

    Use the string for crocheting so that it gets confused. Very best wishes from us.
  • @SusanDoris , I wish you the very best. Your attitude is an inspiration to this 83-year-old. Thank you.
  • Great to hear, SusanDoris!!
  • I'm so pleased you haven't got pancreatic cancer @DocTor, it's a realy nasty oneas you know, having seen another die from it. All best thoughts and wishes for those here with cancer and for those caring for them.

    Many thanks for the warm comments above, they really do help tremendously. Although I have only met a few members here many years ago, this is, I have always found, a place of kind andgenuine mutual support.

  • I had my last chemo session today!!! Everyone congratulated me, though there was no ceremony or "ringing the bell". I go back in thee weeks for bloodwork, and presumably to talk to the doctor and find out what happens next.
  • Well done! I think you have done exceptionally well and I have been so happy to see that you met it all so bravely (Because I didn't)
  • @NicoleMR
    That is good to hear; it must have been a daunting process to start on and go through - all those chemo treatments. I hope you are able to hear really good news from your doctors.
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Super news, @NicoleMR!
  • SarasaSarasa All Saints Host
    Great news @SusanDoris and @NicoleMR . Good to hear you are OK too @Doc Tor .
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    YaY Nicole. Happy dance!
    Galilit wrote: »
    Well done! I think you have done exceptionally well and I have been so happy to see that you met it all so bravely (Because I didn't)

    I had a letter from the hospital yesterday which seemingly contradicted earlier good news. I
    rapidly re-discovered how unstoical I am.
  • Hugs to @Huia.
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