Cancer SUCKS



  • Ross. Candles, candles, candles!
  • ((Ross)) Prayers for all.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    I've started having a lot of trouble moving around, but I'm a little better in some regards. This is certainly an adventure! Thank you for all your prayers.

  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    Oh, Ross. May the adventure keep getting better in various more regards. En garde, Orneries!
  • Prayers continuing to ascend for Ross and all afflicted.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    Prayers for Ross and others here; and others who may be reading and needing prayer but don't feel able to say.
  • Can you train your orneries to run errands for you Ross? I've tried and failed with my cats, but it might be worth a go. ;)
  • Prayers for all

    I have a simple cold - which is dreary and tedious, she complained after 36 hours! Thank G-D it's Yom Kippur - so I have QUIET (quiet to the power of 10) ... to and from all points of the compass
  • Prayers ascending.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    Can you train your orneries to run errands for you Ross? I've tried and failed with my cats, but it might be worth a go. ;)
    No, but the cats are being exceptionally loving and cuddable. Bless their furry little hearts.

    @Galilit, feel better quickly!

    @Robert Armin, you and the rest of Club Cancer are in my prayers.

  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    Hope and encouragement and courage and admiration for ALL here who PERSIST and ENDURE and CARRY ON in the face of this disease.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Rossweisse wrote: »
    ... the cats are being exceptionally loving and cuddable ...

    I think animals have a sixth sense about cancer and people affected by it (directly or otherwise). The Sunday after D. died, I was invited to supper with friends, and their wee dog was very affectionate to me, bringing me her teddies (which they said she never usually does) and putting her paws on my lap.

    When I told my sister about it, she said that when her husband was dying of liver cancer, their cat would curl up beside him in the vicinity of where his liver was, and keep him warm.
  • Piglet, love knowing that the dog was doing her best to comfort you. I stayed at my parents' place last summer for more than a month. As my dad became more ill, she rolled with the changes in the house. On the last morning, we found her asleep in my dad's chair. Kind of broke us right up.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    Update: I had an MRI this morning. My brain is in good shape (well, physically); the dura has thickened, however, and will want watching. (But it's not lumpy or nodule-filled, so we're okay for now.) The new oncologist actually called at 6:30 of a Friday evening to inform me.

  • Good news! And what a decent sort that oncologist is, as well...
  • My mum's mastectomy has been brought forward to Wednesday. This is purely logistical, but it still faces me far more starkly with the reality of the current situation and the impending surgery. Prayers for me and for my family would be greatly appreciated: it's day surgery so my dad is going to be looking after her, and my sister and nieces will be at close quarters. It's going to have a profound effect on everyone, for a period which at the moment simply can't be predicted. Also, I can't discern how best I can be helpful, particularly since everyone is being obsessively stoical.
  • I'm presuming you are still at a distance from your parents' place. This is a purely practical suggestion and not at all one that will help you cope with other aspects of what is going on but my suggestion is to go out and buy ten "thinking of you" cards - funny and bright ones, not soppy ones. Buy the postage stamps too and address them all. Mark a schedule on the calendar of when you will send each one and try to think of nice memories of when you were kids that fit with the current time of year, news, activities going on, etc. If you can afford it, buy some small gift cards to local spots like food places or stores that have things like nice body cream or things that would be a treat and include them randomly in the cards.

    I've been through this three times with my own mother but I was the sibling who lived close by. I did appreciate it when my brothers would ask when would be a good time to call and sometimes I prompted them on when to call too. One brother often sent flowers and fruit baskets and mom really appreciated these. I found that her having friends who had been through it to talk to made a big difference. Anything you can do to help her connect with her own friends could be a nice gesture.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    What great ideas, @Lily Pad!

    Prayers ascending, @ThunderBunk.

  • Prayer mat is down for you Thunder Bunk. May all be well.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Prayers ascending for you and your mum, Thunderbunk.
  • Great news about the BRAIN, Ross!
    How kind of the dr to call after-office-hours - and on a Friday!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    For ThunderBunk and family

  • That is the other problem - the focus that a crisis like this brings to relationships which have been troubled and subject to distortions for some considerable time.

    Prayers for all affected by this particularly cruel disease.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    It really is of the devil.

    Prayers for all affected ascending.
  • This is not about Cancer but is on the theme of parents and living at a distance. I am about an hour and a half journey from my parents. My sister is about 30 minutes. We have developed a pattern. My sister is the first responder and I am the backstop. So this Saturday when Mum was suddenly taken into A&E my sister went down. At around 6 pm when Mum was not out of A&E I got the call to go. We handed over at about 8:15 pm when my sister went home to her family. I stayed with my Mum until after 2 am when she was taken to a ward. So it is me who took the lack of sleep of staying with someone late in the evening. Then my sister takes a heavier burden of the immediate care but I tend to take the hard shifts. There is a second labour split with my sister being the practical one and I the emotional one.
  • JJ, I am jealous of you having such a sensible sister. Can you clone her and send me a copy please?
  • Jengie JonJengie Jon Shipmate
    edited October 2019
    I am afraid they have never been able to get her to stop long enough to take the sample for cloning, as there are always more jobs to be done. My sister does not have the word procrastinate in her vocabulary. She sees a job to be done and does it. Often rushing in without thinking clearly through the consequences.

    I am the opposite, I tend to think about the consequences too hard and procrastinate until it is too late.
  • Good news on the brain, Rossweisse, and on your oncologist.
    Prayers for you, and for Thunderbunk and family - for the practicalities and the emotional and relationship stuff.

    Thinking about what people have said about animals - my Mum died at home, and my Dad reports that the dog objected rather vocally when the undertaker came to take her away.
  • @Jengie Jon - While we appreciate the sentiment, and the difficulties, the thread you probably want to be posting this on is the Ageing Parents one in All Saints. Obviously, if the old folk become resistant, we have a Difficult Relatives thread I can bump...

    Otherwise, I'd like to leave the path clear here for folk to rail about cancer.

  • Thanks

  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    (What is A&E in this context? I've heard of it as a newspaper section title for Arts & Entertainment, but I'm pretty sure that's not right for a hospital. ? & Emergency?)
  • not entirely menot entirely me Shipmate
    edited October 2019
    Accident and emergency - UK equivalent of ER. Also known as Casualty.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    Thank you, @not entirely me.
  • Accident and emergency - UK equivalent of ER. Also known as Casualty.

    Depicted (fairly well) in the UK TV series Casualty - though an elderly gent I took home early one morning, from A & E, was disappointed (he said) not to have seen the Doctors, Nurses etc., snogging, and canoodling, behind the screens, like on the telly...

    Meanwhile, <votives> for families, and friends, trying to cope with their loved one's illness...a hard road, indeed, but sometimes with a positive outcome.

    B., a faithful member of the congregation at Our Place, died earlier this year after 5+ years of bowel cancer, but (by the grace of God) was reconciled with his long-estranged son literally days before his, B.'s, death.

  • This has made me realise I don't know what the R stands for in ER. Resources?
  • @Robert Armin ER is just Emergency Room.
  • Another infrequent poster to say so sorry Piglet.

    And another.

    (Not that rest of you on this thread don't deserve my sympathy, but Piglet's recent loss seems so shockingly sudden).

  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    Now I'm having big sudden-onset nosebleeds. Gaaah! It's so messy...
  • Oh dear I’m sorry!
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host
    Fortunately, I just got a new load of tissues.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    That* sounds like something you could do without, Ross!

    * the nosebleeds, not the tissues
  • Oh! Poor you!
  • Mum's mastectomy is today and I'm rather preoccupied. They announced this morning that they would be keeping her in overnight. Not a bad idea but still something to get one's head around.....
  • Holding your mother and you in my prayers, Thunderbunk.
  • Prayers for your Mum Thunderbunk. I would think an over night stay would be a good idea. Hubby had kidney out and home the next day. Not a great idea IMHO.
  • The operation seems to have been hassle-free, and she has since been conscious and holding normal conversations. So thank heavens for that much, anyway
  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    Deepest sympathies for all posting here who suffer, fear, and somehow soldier on . . . and deepest admiration too.
  • Praying for all here.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Glad to hear it went well, Thunderbunk - I should have been very surprised if they'd sent your mum home the same day after an operation like that!
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    @ThunderBunk , glad the operation went well. My mum had a much more minor operation and they kept her in, saying it was routine for elderly patients. Hope your mum gets home quickly. Having been to see my brother yesterday , hospitals are not somewhere you’d want to be long term.
    Brother update - it looks like he’s stuck in hospital till the new year. He’s too weak to operate on, but they need to do that to sort out all the problems the previous operation caused. They got rid of the cancer, but seem to have mucked up various other internal bits!
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