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  • I can't think of anything to add to that...
    I once gave Ma and Pa Reckondwyth "The Joy of Sex." My father's comment was, "That's all well and good if you don't have to get up for work the next morning."

    Another reason to look forward to retirement!
  • Piglet wrote: »
    Where do you store memories?

    In the heart, of course.

    What happens to them when the heart gets broken? :heartbreak:

    Your friends gather round you and hold you.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    :heart: :heartbreak: :heart:
  • NenyaNenya All Saints Host, Ecclesiantics & MW Host
    This thread has taken an unexpected and poignant turn and I seem to have something in my eye.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Here - have a paper hankie. :)
  • TheOrganistTheOrganist Shipmate
    From @Sighthound on Boris's Ethics Advisor
    Guiding Johnson on ethics is a task that makes cleaning the Augean stables look like sweeping out a rabbit hutch.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Purgatory Host, Circus Host
    Probably best to redact what @KarlLB described as
    the most moronic idea since Maximus Cretinus equipped the Third Legion with armour made of cheese to save money on steel and help out his brother's dairy business in Tuscany at the same time.
  • TukaiTukai Shipmate

    Gramps49 wrote from the USA: »
    "Are the rats abandoning the Trump ship?"

    To which Martin54 responded from the UK:
    "Unlike here where the sinking ship abandoned the rat."
  • The latter comment actually came from Labour's Sir Keir Starmer...and was received by many with approbation and hilarity.
  • From @KarlLB on the Who's the Daddy thread in Purgatory

    The name "Anglican Mainstream" is a bit like the "People's Democratic" bit in the official names of places like North Korea.
  • @mousethief in the “Is God a Person” thread:

    One of the OED definitions of "person" (II.4.c), dating to 1824, is "The human genitals; spec. the penis." It flags this as "Law" meaning I suppose it's a usage in legal documents/proceedings. So God is most definitely not a person in this sense, although some of his followers can be real dicks!

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